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authorDavid Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>2009-02-06 14:03:24 +1100
committerGerald Van Baren <vanbaren@cideas.com>2009-04-01 19:29:31 -0400
commita22d9cfbb5bcfb3dc6ffd64d391b568e8a0ce383 (patch)
tree83dd65295d64b33daca89502df5c4e28e857112a /libfdt/libfdt_internal.h
parent2c0b843e710aa1e2da25c2592e6dbe5d0b0ab7da (diff)
libfdt: Rework/cleanup fdt_next_tag()
Currently, callers of fdt_next_tag() must usually follow the call with some sort of call to fdt_offset_ptr() to verify that the blob isn't truncated in the middle of the tag data they're going to process. This is a bit silly, since fdt_next_tag() generally has to call fdt_offset_ptr() on at least some of the data following the tag for its own operation. This patch alters fdt_next_tag() to always use fdt_offset_ptr() to verify the data between its starting offset and the offset it returns in nextoffset. This simplifies fdt_get_property() which no longer has to verify itself that the property data is all present. At the same time, I neaten and clarify the error handling for fdt_next_tag(). Previously, fdt_next_tag() could return -1 instead of a tag value in some circumstances - which almost none of the callers checked for. Also, fdt_next_tag() could return FDT_END either because it encountered an FDT_END tag, or because it reached the end of the structure block - no way was provided to tell between these cases. With this patch, fdt_next_tag() always returns FDT_END with a negative value in nextoffset for an error. This means the several places which loop looking for FDT_END will still work correctly - they only need to check for errors at the end. The errors which fdt_next_tag() can report are: - -FDT_ERR_TRUNCATED if it reached the end of the structure block instead of finding a tag. - -FDT_BADSTRUCTURE if a bad tag was encountered, or if the tag data couldn't be verified with fdt_offset_ptr(). This patch also updates the callers of fdt_next_tag(), where appropriate, to make use of the new error reporting. Finally, the prototype for the long gone _fdt_next_tag() is removed from libfdt_internal.h. Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
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diff --git a/libfdt/libfdt_internal.h b/libfdt/libfdt_internal.h
index 46eb93e4a..d2dcbd65e 100644
--- a/libfdt/libfdt_internal.h
+++ b/libfdt/libfdt_internal.h
@@ -62,7 +62,6 @@
return err; \
-uint32_t _fdt_next_tag(const void *fdt, int startoffset, int *nextoffset);
int _fdt_check_node_offset(const void *fdt, int offset);
const char *_fdt_find_string(const char *strtab, int tabsize, const char *s);
int _fdt_node_end_offset(void *fdt, int nodeoffset);