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authorStephen Warren <swarren@nvidia.com>2011-11-10 13:17:53 -0700
committerStefan Roese <sr@denx.de>2011-12-01 09:45:35 +0100
commitb9b50e89d317c58becd0e2d7fac2e21e3a81dd0a (patch)
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image: Implement IH_TYPE_KERNEL_NOLOAD
The legacy uImage format includes an absolute load and entry-point address. When bootm operates on a kernel uImage in memory that isn't loaded at the address in the image's load address, U-Boot will copy the image to its address in the header. Some kernel images can actually be loaded and used at any arbitrary address. An example is an ARM Linux kernel zImage file. To represent this capability, IH_TYPE_KERNEL_NOLOAD is implemented, which operates just like IH_TYPE_KERNEL, except that the load address header is ignored, and U-Boot does not copy the image to its load address, but rather uses it in-place. This is useful when sharing a single (uImage-wrapped) zImage across multiple boards with different memory layouts; in this case, a specific load address need not be picked when creating the uImage, but instead is selected by the board-specific U-Boot environment used to load and boot that image. v2: Rename from IH_TYPE_KERNEL_ANYLOAD to IH_TYPE_KERNEL_NOLOAD. Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <swarren@nvidia.com> Signed-off-by: Stefan Roese <sr@denx.de>
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diff --git a/include/image.h b/include/image.h
index 6a41c2e34..466c98018 100644
--- a/include/image.h
+++ b/include/image.h
@@ -162,6 +162,7 @@
#define IH_TYPE_UBLIMAGE 11 /* Davinci UBL Image */
#define IH_TYPE_OMAPIMAGE 12 /* TI OMAP Config Header Image */
#define IH_TYPE_AISIMAGE 13 /* TI Davinci AIS Image */
+#define IH_TYPE_KERNEL_NOLOAD 14 /* OS Kernel Image, can run from any load address */
* Compression Types