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x86: Remove Unmaintained Boards
The SC520 CDP boards originally implemented by Daniel Engström are now very broken. Attempts to contact Daniel via the email address on the copyright notice have failed. Remove these boards from mainline
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@@ -307,9 +307,6 @@ ibf-dsp561 blackfin blackfin
ip04 blackfin blackfin
tcm-bf518 blackfin blackfin
tcm-bf537 blackfin blackfin
-sc520_cdp i386 i386 - - sc520
-sc520_spunk i386 i386 - - sc520
-sc520_spunk_rel i386 i386 sc520_spunk_rel - sc520
M5208EVBE m68k mcf52x2 m5208evbe freescale
M5249EVB m68k mcf52x2 m5249evb freescale
M5253DEMO m68k mcf52x2 m5253demo freescale