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authorTimur Tabi <timur@freescale.com>2011-09-20 18:24:35 -0500
committerGerald Van Baren <gvb@unssw.com>2011-10-15 09:35:09 -0400
commit50bf17bd15d439b183a29bdb453b65217cfbef3b (patch)
parent3c927cccdc930e15cc993e27ac3bee8e15682423 (diff)
fdt: update fdt_alloc_phandle to use fdt_get_phandle
The device tree compiler, dtc, can use "phandle" and/or "linux,phandle" properties to specify the phandle for any node. By default, it uses both, but "linux,phandle" is deprecated. One day, we'd like to stop using "linux,phandle", but U-boot needs to support both properties equally first. fdt_alloc_phandle() generates a unique phandle, but it was only checking the "linux,phandle" properties. Instead, we use fdt_get_phandle(), which checks both properties automatically. This ensures that we support dtbs that only use "phandle". The side-effect is that fdt_alloc_phandle() now takes twice as long, since it has to check for two properties instead of one in each node that it searches. Signed-off-by: Timur Tabi <timur@freescale.com>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/common/fdt_support.c b/common/fdt_support.c
index 698abf7b2..abf6d5378 100644
--- a/common/fdt_support.c
+++ b/common/fdt_support.c
@@ -1182,14 +1182,11 @@ int fdt_node_offset_by_compat_reg(void *blob, const char *compat,
int fdt_alloc_phandle(void *blob)
- int offset, len, phandle = 0;
- const u32 *val;
+ int offset, phandle = 0;
for (offset = fdt_next_node(blob, -1, NULL); offset >= 0;
offset = fdt_next_node(blob, offset, NULL)) {
- val = fdt_getprop(blob, offset, "linux,phandle", &len);
- if (val)
- phandle = max(*val, phandle);
+ phandle = max(phandle, fdt_get_phandle(blob, offset));
return phandle + 1;