AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-12omap4: Enable GPIO-1 clocks before TPS initialization4460Ricardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-10-12omap4: splitting padconfs into common, 4430 and 4460Ricardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-10-12omap4: adding revision detection for 4460 ES1.1Ricardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-10-12omap4: replacing OMAP4_CONTROL with OMAP4430_CONTROLRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-10-12mx53loco: add support for MC34708mx-patchesEric Miao
2011-10-12mxc_i2c: fix i2c_probe() failure by using i2c_reset()Eric Miao
2011-10-12net/eth.c: fix eth_write_hwaddr() to use dev->enetaddr as fall backEric Miao
2011-10-12mx53loco: workaround VPU TO2 Errata by increasing peripheral voltageEric Miao
2011-10-12mx53loco: Add power init supportJohn Rigby
2011-10-12mx53loco: PMIC: Add dialog pmic supportJason Liu
2011-10-12mx5: Add clock config interfaceJason Liu
2011-10-12mx53loco: define ERRATUM_ESDHC111Eric Miao
2011-10-12SAUCE: OMAP4 Make pxe boot fallback default bootomap4-pxeJohn Rigby
2011-10-12arm: omap4_panda: Enable pxecfg supportJohn Rigby
2011-10-12PXE: OMAP4: add standard env varsJohn Rigby
2011-10-12OMAP4 Panda: Generate a unique usbethaddromap4-usb-netJohn Rigby
2011-10-12omap4_panda: adding support for smsc and tftp bootRicardo Salveti de Araujo
2011-10-12omap4_panda: add support for EHCIGilles Chanteperdrix
2011-10-12omap4: add support for EHCIGilles Chanteperdrix
2011-10-12PXE: look for usbethaddr if no ethaddrJohn Rigby
2011-10-12arm: ca9x4_ct_vxp: enable PXE BOOTP options supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-12arm: ca9x4_ct_vxp: enable pxe command supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-12Convert ca9x4_ct_vxp to standard env variablesJason Hobbs
2011-10-12net: bootp: add PXE/RFC 4578 DHCP options supportJason Hobbs
2011-10-12Add pxe commandJason Hobbs
2011-10-12lib: add uuid_str_to_bin for use with bootp and PXE uuidJason Hobbs
2011-10-12README: document standard image variablesJason Hobbs
2011-10-12Replace space and tab checks with isblankJason Hobbs
2011-10-12cosmetic: remove unneeded curly bracesJason Hobbs
2011-10-12Add isblankJason Hobbs
2011-10-12common: add run_command2 for running simple or hush commandsJason Hobbs
2011-10-12common, menu: use abortboot for menu timeoutJason Hobbs
2011-10-12Add generic, reusable menu codeJason Hobbs
2011-10-12OMAP: Panda pin configs for USBfixesJohn Rigby
2011-10-12OMAP4 Panda: clock config for USBJohn Rigby
2011-09-29Prepare v2011.092011.10-upstreamWolfgang Denk
2011-09-28ARM: versatile: delete split_by_variant.shLinus Walleij
2011-09-28Revert "phylib: remove a couple of redundant code lines"Wolfgang Denk
2011-09-28doc/README.scrapyard: Update board removal commit IDsWolfgang Denk
2011-09-28Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2011-09-27ARM: remove broken "ixdp425" and "ixpdg425" boardsAlbert ARIBAUD
2011-09-24ASIX: Fix buffer access in asix_get_phy_addr()Marek Vasut
2011-09-23Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-armWolfgang Denk
2011-09-23doc: provide a correct board_init_r definition pathVladimir Zapolskiy
2011-09-22OMAP3: beagle: Fix build warning in beagle.cDirk Behme
2011-09-22Prepare v2011.09-rc22011.09.1-upstreamWolfgang Denk
2011-09-22Minor Coding Style CleanupWolfgang Denk
2011-09-21km/common: fix bug in IVM mac address accessHolger Brunck
2011-09-21sf: fix debug format string warningVadim Bendebury
2011-09-21net: turn name len check into an assertMike Frysinger