BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2012.08-1Revert "armv7: adapt omap3 to the new cache maintenance framework"Ricardo Salveti de Araujo6 years
arndale-rebaseEXYNOS: mmc: work around rebase build errorJohn Rigby6 years
highbank-rebasefix build error with disabled command line editingJohn Rigby6 years
linaro-rebaseLINARO: enable u-boot API for supported platformsJohn Rigby6 years
masterfix build error with disabled command line editingJohn Rigby6 years
quad-rebaseOrigen_Quad: Modify machine ID for Origen Quad boardTushar Behera6 years
topic-2012.04-linaro-sauceRevert "armv7: adapt omap3 to the new cache maintenance framework"Ricardo Salveti de Araujo7 years
topic-2012.04-mxfec_mxc: move autonegoatiate restart after mii_postcallTroy Kisky7 years
topic-2012.04-snowballSAUCE: Snowball: init serial laterJohn Rigby7 years
topic-2012.04-spl-usbOMAP4: Force PXE booting when booting via spl-usbRobie Basak7 years
v2013.01-rc1u-boot-linaro-next-2013.01-rc1.tar.gz  Tom Rini6 years
2012.08.1u-boot-linaro-next-2012.08.1.tar.gz  Ricardo Salveti de Araujo6 years
2012.05.2-wip4u-boot-linaro-next-2012.05.2-wip4.tar.gz  John Rigby7 years
2012.05.2-wip3u-boot-linaro-next-2012.05.2-wip3.tar.gz  John Rigby7 years
2012.05.2-wip2u-boot-linaro-next-2012.05.2-wip2.tar.gz  John Rigby7 years
2012.05.2-wipu-boot-linaro-next-2012.05.2-wip.tar.gz  John Rigby7 years
2011.10-upstreamu-boot-linaro-next-2011.10-upstream.tar.gz  Wolfgang Denk7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-12-06EXYNOS: mmc: work around rebase build errorarndale-rebaseJohn Rigby
2012-12-06Added support for DHCP, PXE for Arndale boardShivamurthy Shastri
2012-12-06Enable the signal for PSHOLD portYuvaraj CD
2012-12-06DRIVERS: USB: Initialize HSIC PHYs and enable network supportInderpal Singh
2012-12-06The exynos dwmmc Ip has 2 stage divider. The first divider Register is in the...Girish K S
2012-12-06driver: dwmmc: Add the clock divider code for exynos dwmmcGirish K S
2012-12-06arm: exynos: fix issue in clock and pinmuxGirish K S
2012-12-06arm: exynos: additional changes to arndaleGirish K S
2012-12-06exynos: uart: s5p: fix the garbled decompressing linux...messageAlim Akhtar
2012-12-06board: samsung: Added dwmmc initializationGirish K S