path: root/src/drmmode_exynos/drmmode_exynos.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-14For Exynos, always request non-contiguous buffers.Dave Barnish
2013-11-05Use EXYNOS_GEM_CREATE when allocating buffersDave Barnish
2013-10-31Use flag settings for a non-scanout buffer in all cases for exynos drm.Dave Barnish
2013-09-16Remove ARGB to LBBP format conversion for pl111.Javier Martin
2013-09-12Add support for standard HW cursor API.Javier Martin
2013-08-22Provide a new hook to allocate GEM objects in a device specific way.Javier Martin
2013-08-20Use correct flags for scanout buffers in exynos.Javier Martin
2013-08-15Use plane property for setting Exynos zposRay Smith
2013-08-12Added a platform specific flag for vsync timestamp query support.Dave Barnish
2013-06-11Source conforms to linux kernel coding styleDave Barnish
2013-06-10Abstract cursor format handlingDave Barnish
2013-04-15Fix build issue for Exynos build targetPaul Geary
2013-04-03Abstract cursor plane initializationRay Smith
2013-04-03Add DRM driver abstractionRay Smith