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2018-11-12Add support for STLR/LDAPR unscaled offset variants.Alexander Gilday
2018-11-12Add support for flag manipulation instructions.Alexander Gilday
2018-11-01Add support for Load/Store PAC instructions.Alexander Gilday
2018-09-19Add support for features up to Armv8.3.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-30Fix and re-enable test-examples.Jacob Bramley
2018-07-04Remove the Debugger.Jacob Bramley
2018-05-24Fix exception related warnings introduced by GCC 8.Pierre Langlois
2018-04-10Add support for SQRDMLAH and SQRDMLSH.Alexander Gilday
2018-03-22v8.3 Complex Numbers SupportCarey Williams
2017-09-19Added aarch32 SIMD example computing the Mandelbrot SetRowan Lee
2017-06-21Use clang-format 3.8 to format VIXLPierre Langlois
2017-06-01[pool-manager] Integration with aarch32.Georgia Kouveli
2017-05-15[pool-manager] Split Label and Literal.Georgia Kouveli
2017-02-09Fix native build of aarch32 examples.Georgia Kouveli
2017-01-31Clean up the Label class.Georgia Kouveli
2017-01-25[aarch64] Do not mix the Assembler and MacroAssembler in testsPierre Langlois
2017-01-20Remove Switch implementation from VIXLPierre Langlois
2017-01-05Re-organize VIXL's doc/ and mention AArch32Pierre Langlois
2016-11-17Add a custom disassembler example.Vincent Belliard
2016-11-02Rename pc to code_address for the disassembler.Vincent Belliard
2016-10-31Mark methods as `override` when compiling with C++11Pierre Langlois
2016-10-24Follow the design guidelines for the AArch64 `CodeBufferCheckScope`.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-24Unify the `Assembler` helpers related to the code buffer.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-24Create a base class for assemblers.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-05Rewrite `VIXL_CHECK` in terms of `abort`.Pierre Langlois
2016-09-29Remove implicit 64 to 32 bit narrowingPierre Langlois
2016-09-22Fix a couple of comments following `#endif`.Alexandre Rames
2016-08-30[examples] Fix compiling with -Wunreachable-code and -Wunset-variablePierre Langlois
2016-08-24Use a length argument when constructing S and D register listsPierre Langlois
2016-08-15Introduce architecture specific guards for the simulatorPierre Langlois
2016-08-12Correctly include C headersPierre Langlois
2016-08-10[examples] Fix a sign comparison warningPierre Langlois
2016-08-08Add missing namespace in examplesPierre Langlois
2016-08-03AArch32: Improve the API for selecting the ISA.Jacob Bramley
2016-07-28Fix a `#ifdef` in `examples/aarch32/disasm-a32.cc`.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-28Do not compile the AArch32 disassembler example on OSX.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-28Fix a a call to `abs` breaking compilation on OSX.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-25AArch64: Support runtime call simulation.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-11Aarch64: Clean a few more usage of the `MacroAssembler` constructor.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-04Update naming to `aarch32` and `aarch64`.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-04Add an `AUTHORS` file and update copyright notices.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-01Use the default `vixl::aarch64::MacroAssembler` constructor where sensible.Alexandre Rames
2016-06-03Add assembler, macro-assembler and disassembler support for AArch32Pierre Langlois
2016-05-25Sort and fix `#include` directives.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-23Move source files from `src/vixl/` to `src/`.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-13VIXL Release 1.13armvixl
2015-10-23VIXL Release 1.11armvixl
2015-07-21VIXL Release 1.10armvixl
2015-03-31VIXL Release 1.9armvixl
2015-03-02VIXL Release 1.8armvixl