path: root/SConstruct
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysSilence -Wmissing-noreturn.Jacob Bramley
5 daysAdd support for compiler cachesAnthony Barbier
5 daysRefactoring of tools/test.pyAnthony Barbier
6 daysDisable -O3 to compile the tests in release mode.Anthony Barbier
2018-08-30Fix and re-enable test-examples.Jacob Bramley
2018-07-20Check CPU features in the Assembler.Jacob Bramley
2018-04-13Add ubsan option for compilation and fix ubsan errors.Vincent Belliard
2017-05-08Silence warnings about throwing from destructors when compiling with negative...Pierre Langlois
2017-01-10Allow conditional inclusion of A32, T32 and A64.Rodolph Perfetta
2016-12-19Allow configuration of the CodeBuffer allocator.Jacob Bramley
2016-12-15Convert markdown to html with `scons doc`Pierre Langlois
2016-12-15Introduce option validator in SConsPierre Langlois
2016-11-17[tests] Add support for negative MacroAssembler tests.Georgia Kouveli
2016-11-09Fix application of -Wunreachable-code.Jacob Bramley
2016-11-03Improve compiler version detectionPierre Langlois
2016-10-31Mark methods as `override` when compiling with C++11Pierre Langlois
2016-10-31Fix the definition of the 'target' macro for aarch32 in `SConstruct`.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-25Fix `scons` options for `target_arch`.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-25Correctly abort the build if unknown `scons` options are passed.Alexandre Rames
2016-10-24Fix compilation of the tests for scopes when targetting aarch32 only.Alexandre Rames
2016-09-29Remove implicit 64 to 32 bit narrowingPierre Langlois
2016-09-05Add benchmarks for AArch32Vincent Belliard
2016-09-05Allow long long immediates when compiling with c++98Pierre Langlois
2016-09-05Support specifying which architecture to targetPierre Langlois
2016-09-05Revert "add benchmarks for AArch32"Alexandre Rames
2016-09-02add benchmarks for AArch32Vincent Belliard
2016-08-15Introduce architecture specific guards for the simulatorPierre Langlois
2016-08-09Do not include data members conditionally on `VIXL_DEBUG` in headers.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-29Remove unnecessary compilation flags.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-28The `-Wno-maybe-uninitialized` option breaks compilation on OSX.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-28Remove `-Wl,--gc-sections` and related build options.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-04Update naming to `aarch32` and `aarch64`.Alexandre Rames
2016-07-04Add an `AUTHORS` file and update copyright notices.Alexandre Rames
2016-06-08Correctly remove `obj/latest` when it is a directory.Alexandre Rames
2016-06-03Add assembler, macro-assembler and disassembler support for AArch32Pierre Langlois
2016-05-23Move source files from `src/vixl/` to `src/`.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-13VIXL Release 1.13armvixl
2015-12-08VIXL Release 1.12armvixl
2015-10-23VIXL Release 1.11armvixl
2015-07-21VIXL Release 1.10armvixl
2015-03-31VIXL Release 1.9armvixl
2015-03-02VIXL Release 1.8armvixl
2014-11-25VIXL Release 1.7armvixl
2014-09-25VIXL Release 1.6armvixl
2014-07-14VIXL Release 1.5armvixl
2014-03-21VIXL Release 1.3armvixl
2013-08-15VIXL Release 1.1armvixl
2013-06-18VIXL Release 1.0armvixl