AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-07Cherry-pick: Fix a bug in the MacroAssembler CSEL helpers.1.xAlexandre Rames
2016-06-02Work around a clang-format bug.Jacob Bramley
2016-06-02Disable clang-format for comments containing `NOLINT`.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-25Fix the Android makefile.Alex Light
2016-05-25Sort and fix `#include` directives.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-25Suffix source files in `src/` with `-vixl`.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-23Move source files from `src/vixl/` to `src/`.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-18Do not use $ANDROID_BUILD_TOP in Android.mk.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-18Set the exit code in `tools/test.py` to indicate success or failure.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-16Fix the Android.mk.template.Alexandre Rames
2016-05-13Add a .gitreview for Linaro's server.Jacob Bramley
2016-05-13Fix for undefined uint64_t to int64_t conversion.John Pulford
2016-05-13VIXL Release 1.13armvixl
2015-12-08VIXL Release 1.12armvixl
2015-10-23VIXL Release 1.11armvixl
2015-07-21VIXL Release 1.10armvixl
2015-03-31VIXL Release 1.9armvixl
2015-03-02VIXL Release 1.8armvixl
2014-11-25VIXL Release 1.7armvixl
2014-09-25VIXL Release 1.6armvixl
2014-07-14VIXL Release 1.5armvixl
2014-05-01VIXL Release 1.4armvixl
2014-03-21VIXL Release 1.3armvixl
2014-02-05VIXL Release 1.2armvixl
2013-08-15VIXL Release 1.1armvixl
2013-06-18VIXL Release 1.0armvixl