AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 daysAdd support for features up to Armv8.3.HEADmasterJacob Bramley
4 daysSupport --disassemble in simulator tests.Jacob Bramley
10 daysTests for Simulator CPU feature control.Jacob Bramley
12 daysUse PrintDisassembler for --disassemble.Jacob Bramley
2018-09-06Check CPU features in the Simulator and Disassembler.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-30Fix a CodeBuffer API bug.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-30Fix and re-enable test-examples.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-30Support hint <imm>, and fix hint disassembly.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-28Make disassembly of FC* more precise.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-28Enable tests for more CPU features.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-28Allow and disassemble Pre- and Post-Index #0.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-23Simplify the *CacheOp enums.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-16Fix CPUFeatures checks for fmov.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-16CPUFeatures tests.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-16Use a more robust method to look for the Git root.Jacob Bramley
2018-08-13Allow using a custom clang-format.Pierre Langlois
2018-07-20Check CPU features in the Assembler.Jacob Bramley
2018-07-20Implement CPU Feature selection.Jacob Bramley
2018-07-04Remove the Debugger.Jacob Bramley
2018-06-15Clean up some implementation-defined casts.Jacob Bramley
2018-06-14Fix some erroneous uses of instr->Mask(0).Jacob Bramley
2018-06-07Fix some implementation-defined initialisers.Jacob Bramley
2018-05-25Improve simulator trace generator script and fix tests.Alexander Gilday
2018-05-24Fix exception related warnings introduced by GCC 8.Pierre Langlois
2018-05-24Remove old design documents.Jacob Bramley
2018-05-15Fix potentialy building a non NULL-terminated string.Pierre Langlois
2018-05-14Fix maybe-uinitialized warning in the simulator.Pierre Langlois
2018-05-14Enable __attribute__((fallthrough)) for GCC 8 and higher.Pierre Langlois
2018-04-23Initial Support + FMOV [FP16]Carey Williams
2018-04-19Add support for Load/Store LORegion instructions.Alexander Gilday
2018-04-19Add support for dot product instructions.Alexander Gilday
2018-04-17Add support for compare and swap in memory instructions.Alexander Gilday
2018-04-13Add ubsan option for compilation and fix ubsan errors.Vincent Belliard
2018-04-11Extract FP utility functions from SimulatorCarey Williams
2018-04-10Add support for SQRDMLAH and SQRDMLSH.Alexander Gilday
2018-04-04Place the Uint{32,64,128} and Int64 types in the internal namespacePierre Langlois
2018-03-22Fix clang-format issues in 8.3 tests.Carey Williams
2018-03-22v8.3 Complex Numbers SupportCarey Williams
2018-02-22Update vrint instructions.Vincent Belliard
2018-02-15Add support for CSDB in AArch64Martyn Capewell
2018-02-13Removes support for some co-processor instructions.Vincent Belliard
2018-02-06Fix fall-through annotation for GCC 7Martyn Capewell
2018-01-16Fix disassembler for unpredictable in IT block.Vincent Belliard
2017-12-15[disasm] Replace "outside IT block" checks with assertions if possiblePierre Langlois
2017-12-06[disasm] Do not assert if disassembly conditions are unfulfilled.Pierre Langlois
2017-11-29Make Location::IsReferenced public.Artem Serov
2017-11-24Remove Android build files.Jacob Bramley
2017-10-18Fix vld, vst instructions with post-index.Vincent Belliard
2017-10-05Add assembler/disassembler benchmark.Vincent Belliard
2017-10-03Disable forward reference info negative tests in release mode.Georgia Kouveli