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Update ARM-TF and U-Boot BL33 binary
I used the latest recovery and ARM Trusted Firmware commits as shown below and rebuilt everything. recovery: dba7133 2017-05-05 remove juno-17.04-linaro1 marker file [Ryan Harkin] u-boot: 24c6ee8 2017-02-23 Add vexpress_juno_aarch32 [Ryan Harkin] arm-tf: 3fb340a 2017-04-21 Merge pull request #912 from vwadekar/tegra-smmu-ctx-save-robust [davidcunado-arm] edk2 uses the bl33-uefi.bin as found in the recovery repo, built from this commit: 131aec0 2016-01-21 juno: use earlycon [Ryan Harkin] Signed-off-by: Ryan Harkin <>
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