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authorArvind Chauhan <>2018-01-29 12:48:54 +0530
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Update SCP firmware to v1.26.0-rc1
From the ARM SCP Firmware release: ramfw.bin => SOFTWARE/scp_bl2.bin romfw_bypass.bin => SOFTWARE/scp_bl1.bin Release note from ARM below. SCP firmware: ------------- Tag: v1.26.0-rc1 Changes from v1.25.0-rc2 to v1.26.0-rc1 Changes for Juno since v1.25.0: New features: - Add support for the new Juno board (different DDR chips). Fixes: - Fix copyright headers for 2018. - Fix CPU warm reset support. - scmi: Standardise message handler error handling for all protocols. SCP now returns PROTOCOL_ERROR when appropriate instead of returning only NOT_SUPPORTED for some classes of errors. - smt: fix possible erroneous IRQ acceptance (protects against rogue SCMI agents). - lib/timer: Fix timer item validation. Improvements: - baremetal: Remove power statistics expectations. - scmi: Expand usage of const. - tests: Refactor comments in the memory allocation tests. - tests: Update submodules when building SCMI test suite. - tests: Change how version string is defined. Signed-off-by: Arvind Chauhan <>
-rw-r--r--SOFTWARE/scp_bl1.binbin6272 -> 6272 bytes
-rw-r--r--SOFTWARE/scp_bl2.binbin69432 -> 71480 bytes
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diff --git a/SOFTWARE/scp_bl1.bin b/SOFTWARE/scp_bl1.bin
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+++ b/SOFTWARE/scp_bl1.bin
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diff --git a/SOFTWARE/scp_bl2.bin b/SOFTWARE/scp_bl2.bin
index 93da70a..78a8810 100644
--- a/SOFTWARE/scp_bl2.bin
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