AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-24Merging uefi-next/linaro-release into masterHEADlinaro-uefi-2014.01masterLeif Lindholm
2014-01-24Merging linaro-tracking-2014.01 into linaro-releaseLeif Lindholm
2014-01-24rtsm_ve-aemv8a: import ASL files from acpi-asl repoGraeme Gregory
2014-01-24arm: TC2 - move Image link addressLeif Lindholm
2014-01-24arm: gic: Disable local interrupts on ExitBootServices()Leif Lindholm
2014-01-24ArmPlatformPkg/PrePi: Fixed register corruptionOlivier Martin
2014-01-24ArmPlatformPkg: Removed the hardware floating point build flagsOlivier Martin
2014-01-24BaseTools/tools_def.template: Ensure Software floating point is used to build...Olivier Martin
2014-01-24ACPI: ACPI build patch on UEFIYi Li
2014-01-24ACPI:Convert the table and asl from acpi-aslYi Li
2014-01-24SMBIOS:VE: Add SMBIOS support for ARM VE modelsYi Li
2014-01-24SMBIOS:ARM: Add SMBIOS base driver on ARM PlatformYi Li
2014-01-24TC2: update default kernel commandlineRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC2: fix debug builds after ACPI was addedRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC2: Increase the size of the flash imageReece R. Pollack
2014-01-24TC2: Added LAN9118 Dxe driver to the VE-TC2Reece R. Pollack
2014-01-24TC2: use Linaro default configRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC2: Add support for EDK2_OUT_DIR build parameterRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: change PcdGet32 to PcdGet64Ryan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: update default kernel commandlineRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: ARM Packages: Renamed PL390Gic driver into ArmGic driverRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Fix VE-TC1 boot failureReece R. Pollack
2014-01-24TC1: Added LAN9118 Dxe driver to the VE-TC1Reece R. Pollack
2014-01-24TC1: fix ROM sizeRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Fix TC1 build for latest upstream changesRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Update default kernel commandlineRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: rename PcdFdtLocalDevicePath to PcdDefaultFdtLocalDevicePathRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: use Linaro default configRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: set correct architected timer frequencyRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: set refresh periodRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Disable Loop BufferRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: default to EDK2_ARMVE_STANDALONE=1Ryan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: use correct CPU type in DSC fileRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: fix memory initRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Fix BSP for latest UEFI treeRyan Harkin
2014-01-24TC1: Add Versatile Express CTA15x2 BSPRyan Harkin
2014-01-24LAN9118: Fix RELEASE build and some uninit variablesReece R. Pollack
2014-01-24ArmPlatformPkg: Added LAN91x Dxe driverReece R. Pollack
2014-01-24ArmPlatformPkg: Added LAN9118 Dxe driverReece R. Pollack
2014-01-24ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg: add network modulesRyan Harkin
2014-01-24MdeModulePkg//ArpDxe: Retrieved SnpMode only after configuring SnpOlivier Martin
2014-01-24MdeModulePkg/MnpDxe: Checked returned value of Snp->GetStatus()Olivier Martin
2014-01-24Fix build errors on PandaboardLeif Lindholm
2014-01-24panda: Replaced FatPkg source package by the pre-built FatPkg binaryRyan Harkin
2014-01-24panda: Add new helper functions for PandaDavid A. Long
2014-01-24panda: Add ArmSmcLibRyan Harkin
2014-01-24panda: Introduced a separate SerialPortExtLib libraryRyan Harkin
2014-01-24panda: readme update for march 1st releaseOlivier Deprez
2014-01-24panda: add ArmPlatformPkg PrePi early call patchOlivier Deprez
2014-01-24panda: cleaned up reset definitionsOlivier Deprez