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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author Fix typo and return codeLeif Lindholm Code styleJordan Justen
2014-01-28Handle command line parameter "-? -h --help" and any other.Parmeshwr Prasad
2011-02-16Correct copyright yearhhtian
2010-07-09Removed the requirement to pass in at least one parameter to the script.geekboy15a
2010-04-29Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2009-07-08add more description in edksetup.shklu2
2008-12-31Removed Java/Ant specific content from the setup scripts.lhauch
2008-05-20setting executable on these fileslhauch
2007-10-17Refer to $WORKSPACE/BaseTools rather than $WORKSPACE/Tools.jljusten
2007-01-10Added support for xmlbeans-2.2.0jwang36
2007-01-04Changed the FrameworkWizard.jar path from Bin to binjwang36
2006-12-28Add ant-contrib.jar to class pathklu2
2006-11-14Cleanups for cygwin.bbahnsen
2006-08-04Fix EDKT140(CompressDll.dll does not build under cygwin gcc).qouyang
2006-07-31Because Pcd entity, exception and some action package are shared by Building ...klu2
2006-07-27Handle the FRAMEWORK_TOOLS_PATH properly on cygwin.bbahnsen
2006-07-14Check to see if the tools are built before trying a build.bbahnsen
2006-07-131. Add build FrameworkWizard in edksetup.bathche10x
2006-07-09Fix some bugs in edksetup.shklu2
2006-06-20Add a new classpath element.bbahnsen
2006-06-12Convert env var name to all caps.bbahnsen
2006-06-06Remove one of the saxon jars from the classpath.bbahnsen
2006-06-06Try to fix the Surface Area build.bbahnsen
2006-05-24Check for /workspace/externaltools/apache-antbbahnsen
2006-04-28Updated to use environment variables instead of hard-coded path for ANT_HOME ...lhauch
2006-04-24Convert to Unix format.bbahnsen
2006-04-21Initial import.bbahnsen