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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-28Fix ResetVectorVtf0.asm comment typoChen Fan
2014-01-22Fix CRLF formatTian, Hot
2014-01-10Fix bug when reserve stack space to fill exception context.Jeff Fan
2014-01-10Update UefiCpuPkg version: 0.2->0.3Jeff Fan
2014-01-07MtrrDebugPrintAllMtrrs() should loop until the max physical address is reached. Jeff Fan
2013-12-201. Only dump CPU Context and CpuDeadLoop () for CPU exception.Jeff Fan
2013-12-13Fix meta file issue.Jeff Fan
2013-12-13UefiCpuPkg: S3Resume2Pei: align return stacks explicitlyLaszlo Ersek
2013-12-11Correct INF file to make module pass ICC compiler.Liming Gao
2013-12-06Fix comments format issue.Jeff Fan
2013-11-30Add missing ASM_PFX for HookAfterStubHeaderEnd.Jeff Fan
2013-11-29Fixed typo: HookAfterStubEnd should be HookAfterStubHeaderEnd. It will make U...Jeff Fan
2013-11-29UefiCpuPkg: Using the "movabsq" instruction to read global variable mDoFarRet...Laszlo Ersek
2013-11-26Cleanup unused ReportStatusCodeLib reference.Jeff Fan
2013-11-221. Separated DxeSmmCpuExceptionHandlerLib.inf into 2 instance DxeCpuException...Jeff Fan
2013-10-08Fix several DEBUG_ERROR messages that are unnecessarily verbose. Several of t...Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud
2013-09-24UefiCpuPkg/ResetVector/Vtf0: Move Page Table/CR3 setting to a new fileJordan Justen
2013-09-161. Read 32bit CPU Init APIC ID from CPUID leaf B in XAPIC mode.Jeff Fan
2013-08-27Removed the assumption on APIC timer initial Count is all 1s and updated it t...Jeff Fan
2013-02-05Fix build issue on DDK3790 tool chain.vanjeff
2012-10-30Add missing status code in several
2012-10-11Add missing braces around initializer.lzeng14
2012-10-10Add missing parameter in functions header.vanjeff
2012-09-27Save and disable CPU interrupt before programming MTRR settings, and restore ...vanjeff
2012-09-10Add type cast to avoid sign extension on x64 tip.vanjeff
2012-08-28Fix comparisons of enumerated types which may cause warnings for some compilers.rsun3
2012-08-28Only disable Debug Timer for x64 platforms in S3RestoreConfig2().vanjeff
2012-08-231. Added SetLocalApicBaseAdress() and GetLocalApicBaseAddress() APIs in Local...vanjeff
2012-08-22Set correct DS/ES/FS/GS/SS segment selectors after GDT loaded.vanjeff
2012-08-20Initialize TempAcpiS3Context and TempEfiBootScriptExecutorVariable.lzeng14
2012-08-14Create 4G page table by default, and using PF to handle >4G MMIO access, to i...jyao1
2012-08-06Remove Variable PPI dependency from S3Resume module, check return status of l...lzeng14
2012-07-06UefiCpuPkg CpuDxe: Call UefiCpuLib.InitializeFloatingPointUnits () to initial...rsun3
2012-07-05UefiCpuPkg BaseUefiCpuLib: Change the initialization value for x87 FPU Contro...rsun3
2012-06-19Align the perf data between FPDT and DP.lzeng14
2012-05-31Remove CPU dead loop code from IA32 assembly codes.vanjeff
2012-05-18UefiCpuPkg: Added code to enable Local APIC.geekboy15a
2012-05-02UefiCpuPkg S3Resume2: Move the call to RestoreS3PageTables() earlier before S...rsun3
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-04-11UefiCpuPkg MtrrLib: For MtrrSetAllMtrrs(), do not set FE/E bits in IA32_MTRR_...rsun3
2012-03-19Fix doxgen format issue.vanjeff
2012-03-19Remove the useless performance logging code in BootScriptExecutorDxe driver a...lzeng14
2012-03-151. Updated S3Resume2Pei to save IA32 IDT table setup in protected mode. vanjeff
2012-03-15Import two CPU Exception Handler Library instances: SecPeiCpuExceptionHandler...vanjeff
2011-12-14Update package version for MdeModulePkg, UefiCpuPkg.rsun3
2011-12-01Update the check condition to allows UINT64 and INT64 data types to be 32-bit...vanjeff
2011-11-25UefiCpuPkg MTRR Library: Remove a buggy check logic in MtrrSetMemoryAttribute...rsun3
2011-11-16Restore original IDT entry if RegisterInterruptHandler() was used to unregist...vanjeff
2011-10-31Roll back the change on GetMemorySpaceAttributeFromMtrrType()'s parameter typ...vanjeff