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2014-05-14Move BasePathLib from ShellPkg to MdeModulePkgBrendan Jackman
2014-04-17StdLib: StdLib/Malloc.cPaulo Alcantara
2014-03-20Fix TCP4/TCP6 connections. Connections were transitioning into the connected...leroy.p.leahy
2014-03-07StdLib: Modify the memory allocation routines to not be dependent upon the in...Daryl McDaniel
2013-12-13Fix the non-blocking behavior for connect. The behavior was correct if the c...lpleahy leroy.p.leahy
2013-12-10StdLib: Update Copyright Notices.Daryl McDaniel
2013-12-10StdLib: Remove an unnecessary dependency from LibWchar.Daryl McDaniel
2013-11-20Fix GCC build errorsLee Leahy
2013-11-20Ignore transmit errors for UDPv4, UDPv6 and IPv4.Lee Leahy
2013-11-19Enable the build command override the .DSC file contents to enable debug outp...Lee Leahy
2013-10-24EADK (StdLib, AppPkg, StdLibPrivateInternalFiles): Update ReadMe.txt in all p...Daryl McDaniel
2013-09-13StdLib: Fix pointer arithmetic issues in the strncasecmp function.Daryl McDaniel
2013-09-10StdLib: Fix IA32 and X64 build issues.Daryl McDaniel
2013-09-10StdLib: Fix IPF build issues.Daryl McDaniel
2013-07-23StdLib: Add Aarch64 support.Harry Liebel
2013-05-15StdLib/LibC/Locale/multibyte_Utf8.c: Fix obscure corner cases in wide to mult...darylm503
2013-03-11StdLib: Fix printf issues with floating point and wide character strings. Al...darylm503
2013-02-27Otherwise gcc can default to the "sysv_abi" (as opposed to the "ms_abi") call...lpleahy
2013-02-08Increase sockets performance by increasing the maximum buffer sizes.lpleahy
2013-02-08Allow fragmentation of large UDP packetslpleahy
2013-02-08Fix sockets use of file descriptors which was broken by the additional valida...lpleahy
2013-01-16StdLib & AppPkg: Update the list of known ISSUES.darylm503
2013-01-16StdLib: Correct two instances of mismatch between function declaration and de...darylm503
2013-01-16List of known issues with StdLib.darylm503
2012-12-21StdLib: Fix issue with Canonical output expansion of NL to CR NL and similar ...darylm503
2012-12-11StdLib: Add terminal type line editing (Interactive IO) for console devices.darylm503
2012-10-12StdLib: Reverse a previous change resulting in string pointers that were not ...darylm503
2012-10-08Poll the network adapter during connectlpleahy
2012-10-08Fixed close for socket to properly release the socket context structure and t...lpleahy
2012-10-05StdLib: Fix several problems where characters were not being correctly conver...darylm503
2012-09-25StdLib/Include: Minor changes in preparation for Interactive I/O (TTY) functi...darylm503
2012-09-24StdLib/LibC/StdLib/Malloc.c: Make the free() function conform to the ISO/IEC...darylm503
2012-09-20StdLib, StdLibPrivateInternalFiles: Clean up comments, Remove debugging code,...darylm503
2012-09-10Modify UDP and IP to transmit on all network adapters instead of just the fir...lpleahy
2012-09-03StdLib: Fix possible compiler warnings when doing enumerate type comparison.rsun3
2012-08-10Return the proper status after one of the ports is configured for UDP or IP c...lpleahy
2012-07-18StdLib/LibC/Uefi/Devices/Console/daConsole.c: Fix bug where unconvertable wi...darylm503
2012-06-29Choose a better subnet mask value for the IPv4 address.lpleahy
2012-06-28Try to fix the error detected by the 64-bit GCC compiler.lpleahy
2012-06-26Use the ARM compiler intrinsics library when compiling the Sockets driver.lpleahy
2012-06-26Define the global variables as weak to enable the proper linking with applica...lpleahy
2012-06-22Fix listen exit path when last port returns an error.lpleahy
2012-06-20StdLib/LibC/Uefi/Devices/Console/daConsole.c: Fix name of the XY offset union.darylm503
2012-06-15StdLib: Add multi-byte character support. The normal "narrow" character set ...darylm503
2012-06-14Add missing IPv6 address definitions.lpleahy
2012-06-08Fix port retry behavior during connect - All port error paths exit through Co...lpleahy
2012-06-07Only use ports with a network connection (media present) when connecting to a...lpleahy
2012-06-04Only use ports with a network connection (media present) when connecting to a...lpleahy
2012-06-01UseEfiSocketLib.c - Only exit for out of resources, otherwise use all network...lpleahy
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian