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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-14Move BasePathLib from ShellPkg to MdeModulePkgBrendan Jackman
2014-04-30ShellPkg: Patch to enhance the output around GOP protocolJaben Carsey
2014-04-11ShellPkg: Fix using root of driveJaben Carsey
2014-04-11ShellPkg: Fix compiler warning 'unused variable'Harry Liebel
2014-04-04ShellPkg: Fix command-line parsing to start with Argv[0] when comparing passe...Chris Phillips
2014-03-31ShellPkg: Allow opening of root drive nodesJaben Carsey
2014-03-31ShellPkg: Fix potential memory leak when failing to fully create a structureJaben Carsey
2014-03-27ShellPkg: Fix file system change issue that results in ASSERTChris Phillips
2014-03-20ShellPkg: remove redudant code. call existing API.Jaben Carsey
2014-03-20ShellPkg: Remove unused functionJaben Carsey
2014-03-20ShellPkg: Allow for LoadedImageProtocol information to be verbosely exported ...Jaben Carsey
2014-03-17ShellPkg: Move a function into shared locationJaben Carsey
2014-03-10ShellPkg: ShellCommands/SetVar: Make '-rt' imply '-bs'Brendan Jackman
2014-03-07 1.Add code to check the pointer 'CorrectedPath' in Ls.c line 460 before ref...Shumin Qiu
2014-02-28Convert the value from 'int' to 'CHAR16' to match the type of variable in She...Shumin Qiu
2014-02-26ShellPkg/ShellProtocol.c: Fix case sensitivity in GetAlias and SetAliasBrendan Jackman
2014-02-25ShellPkg: Add missing header filesJaben Carsey
2014-02-25Add code to check whether the pointer 'CorrectedPath' and 'FullPath' are NULL...Shumin Qiu
2014-02-18ShellPkg: Update "ls" command to better handle "-r" parameterJaben Carsey
2014-02-12ShellPkg: refactor elimination of non-replaced environment variablesJaben Carsey
2014-02-12Add code to check the return status for ShellReadFile and ShellWriteFile when...Shumin Qiu
2014-02-12Add code to check whether the pointer 'PathForReturn' in ShellProtocol.c is N...Shumin Qiu
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Fix changing to file system with 2 colons like "fs0::"Jaben Carsey
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Fix uninitialized Variable errorJaben Carsey
2014-02-11ShellPkg: InternalShellExecuteDevicePath: avoid memory leaksBrendan Jackman
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Make Argv[0] the full file path of the commandBrendan Jackman
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Error out when ProcessCommandLine failsBrendan Jackman
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Fixed Memory leak in UefiMain()Brendan Jackman
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Manually parse parametersBrendan Jackman
2014-02-11ShellPkg: Prevent "set" command from updating %lasterror%Jaben Carsey
2014-02-05ShellPkg: patch to the "for" command when used with "in" iterating files in a...Leandro G. Biss Becker
2014-01-28Add initializing code for local variable 'CalleeExitStatus' and 'ExitStatus' ...Shumin Qiu
2014-01-281. Fix several comments in function headers for 'ShellProtocol.c', 'ShellProt...Shumin Qiu
2014-01-24ShellPkg/ShellProtocol.c: Don't put consective "\"s in file pathsBrendan Jackman
2014-01-24ShellPkg/UefiShellLib.c: Execute: Return a Command status even in the old shellBrendan Jackman
2014-01-24ShellLib/UefiShellLib.c: Fix doc comment for ShellOpenFileMetaArgBrendan Jackman
2014-01-24ShellPkg/ShellProtocol.c: Don't overwrite Status in InternalShellExecuteDevic...Brendan Jackman
2014-01-24ShellPkg/Shell: Fix reporting of exit status in ShellProtocol.ExecuteBrendan Jackman
2014-01-24ShellPkg: Refactor Print logic out of main loop functionJaben Carsey
2014-01-23Update prints of variable attributes from 'RS' to 'RT' for 'Dmpstore' command.Shumin Qiu
2014-01-23Update the comments in function headers to follow Doxygen special documentati...Shumin Qiu
2014-01-22Fix CRLF formatTian, Hot
2014-01-17ShellPkg: Change StdIn redirectionJaben Carsey
2014-01-16ShellPkg: Return the failureJaben Carsey
2014-01-16ShellPkg: Remove ASSERTJaben Carsey
2014-01-16ShellPkg: Remove ASSERTJaben Carsey
2014-01-141. Change the implementation of function 'LoadVariableFromFile' to return SHE...Shumin Qiu
2014-01-13ShellPkg: Remove UNICODE file tag (FEFF) from files used for input redirectionJaben Carsey
2014-01-13ShellPkg: remove unreachable break statementsOlivier Martin
2014-01-13ShellPkg: assign pointer to NULL after free to prevent double freeJaben Carsey