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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-28Config Access Protocol return value not follow spec, update code to follow it.Eric Dong
2014-04-15MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg: Update TreePei to handle FvInfo2 and update FwVol o...Star Zeng
2014-04-01Add missing parameter comment in AddPubKeyInStore()Dong Guo
2014-03-31Remove unused [PcdsDynamic, PcdsDynamicEx] section.Dong Guo
2014-03-28Check the input file pointer before use it.Eric Dong
2014-03-28SecurityPkg Variable: Add NULL pointer check.Star Zeng
2014-03-27Remove hide TPM support.Dong Guo
2014-03-27Calculate enough space for 2 variables (public key and variable data) instead...Dong Guo
2014-03-25MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Calculate enough space for PlatformLang an...Star Zeng
2014-03-23Comment PwdCredential driver.Dong Guo
2014-03-21Fix current TPM device string missing. Use efivarstore instead of varstor, re...Jiewen Yao
2014-03-21Force UID modules build error to warn user that currently it is just a sample.Dong Guo
2014-03-20MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Return error status to avoid inconsistency...Star Zeng
2014-03-19Fix the return value bug when updating public key database variable failure.Dong Guo
2014-03-17Add comments for PcdHideTpmSupport.Dong Guo
2014-03-17Remove unnecessary dependency in variable driver.Dong Guo
2014-03-17Fix the return status when physical presence variable and MemoryOverwriteRequ...Dong Guo
2014-03-07Remove unused variable attribute flag.jyao1
2014-01-28Add description information for the GUID and Library class defined in DEC fileDong Guo
2014-01-24Update Module BaseName to avoid the same name. Gao, Liming
2014-01-23Fix PCD help information format and a typo.Dong Guo
2014-01-13Fix typo in PCD description in SecurityPkg.jyao1
2014-01-10Upgrade package version to 0.93Dong Guo
2014-01-09Return to BMM page if parse the file info failed.Eric Dong
2014-01-08Rollback the patch 15054.Eric Dong
2014-01-07Not update the status until parse the file info success.Eric Dong
2013-12-11Correct INF file to make module pass ICC compiler.Liming Gao
2013-12-02Update DEC file and DxeImageVerificationLib to note user that ALLOW_EXECUTE_O...Fu Siyuan
2013-11-29Upgrade TPM SSDT version from ACPI version 1 (ACPI 1.0 compatible) to version...Dong Guo
2013-11-27Makes DxeDeferImageLoadLib not depend on Dong Guo
2013-11-25Refine the Secure Boot UI driver to input the GUID and varstroe name when usi...Fu Siyuan
2013-11-21Fix coding style problem in RngDxe driver.Long, Qin
2013-11-19Add UEFI RNG Protocol support. The driver will leverage Intel Secure Key tech...Long, Qin
2013-11-18SecurityPkg Variable: Remove mStorageData buffer allocation and use Scratch b...Star Zeng
2013-11-12MdeModulePkg and SecurityPkg Variable: Optimize the code to reduce some SMRAM...Star Zeng
2013-11-04MdeModulePkg and SecurityPkg Variable: Enhance code to use the new variable d...Star Zeng
2013-10-21Add TPM1.2 SaveState API.jyao1
2013-10-111. Enable use-cases in PEI using SecurityPPI co-equal to the use-cases in DXE...Star Zeng
2013-10-09Fix coding style issue.Fu Siyuan
2013-10-09 TrEEPhysicalPresenceLib|Include/Library/TrEEPhysicalPresenceLib.hjyao1
2013-10-08Fix a bug about the “VendorKey” variable update logic.Fu Siyuan
2013-09-23Add missing comments for function parameters.gdong1
2013-09-18Add TPM2 implementation.jyao1
2013-09-16Create PCDs in MdeModulePkg for ACPI table OEM_ID/OEM_TABLE_ID/OEM_REVISION/C...Star Zeng
2013-09-12Return EFI_WRITE_PROTECTED when setting KEKDefault, PKDefault, dbDefault, dbx...Fu Siyuan
2013-09-12Update the chaining requirements with regards to the Platform Key.Fu Siyuan
2013-09-12Add “VendorKeys” variable for indicating out of band key modification.Fu Siyuan
2013-09-03Enhance TPM driver to protect TPM physical presence flags.Dong Guo
2013-08-281. Change default PCD in SecurityPkg to 4 (DENY_EXECUTE) in DEC file.Fu Siyuan
2013-08-22Fix a bug in secure boot configuration driver: Enroll DB/KEK will disable Att...Fu Siyuan