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2014-03-26PerfomancePkg Dp: Add missing EFIAPI for PrintToken().Star Zeng
2013-09-05Refine the select language logic.Eric Dong
2013-07-26Update all the code to consume the ConvertDevicePathToText, ConvertDevicePath...Ruiyu Ni
2013-05-13Update Code to pass EBC compiler.lgao4
2012-05-31Fixed build failed.ydong10
2012-05-30LoadedImageDevicePath protocol may be installed with NULL device path, so add...lzeng14
2012-05-30Add new interface GetVariable2 and GetEfiGlobalVariable2 to return more info....ydong10
2012-04-24Add new extension PerformanceLib APIs to store ID info.lzeng14
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-02-01Add Missing invocations to VA_END() for VA_START().rsun3
2011-12-13Refine file header format to follow coding style.ydong10
2011-12-13Update the Package version.lgao4
2011-12-01Refine the code to follow coding style.ydong10
2011-11-29Fix PerformancePkg GCC&ICC build fail.lzeng14
2011-11-28Fix build error.lzeng14
2011-11-25Update DP to get Image name with the following methods orderly.lzeng14
2011-11-10Add description for the parameter of SafeFreePool().lzeng14
2011-11-03Add NULL pointer check before free pool.lzeng14
2011-11-02Add TscTimerLibInternal.h in INF file.lzeng14
2011-10-31Refine BaseTscTimerLib.lzeng14
2011-10-30Add BaseTscTimerLib, and then merge the three TscTimerLib to one directory.lzeng14
2011-08-25Add new API GetTimeInNanoSecond() to TimerLib to convert elapsed ticks to tim...xdu2
2011-08-22Fix GCC build error.lzeng14
2011-08-17Allocate memory buffer to store TscFrequency, and InstallConfigurationTable w...lzeng14
2011-05-30Update code to pass packaging tool.lzeng14
2011-05-09Clean up DEC files:mdkinney
2011-04-20Store and get TSC Frequency with system configuration Table.lzeng14
2011-04-01PerformancePkg.dsc: ydong10
2011-03-30Update inf file to follow spec.ydong10
2011-03-14Enhance inf to follow spec.ydong10
2011-03-10Update DebugLib to provide support for "err" command in the EFI Shell to adju...mdkinney
2011-02-22Add comments for the two parameters of DxeTscTimerLibConstructor.lzeng14
2011-02-18Refine coding style.ydong10
2011-02-15TscTimerLib in PerformancePkg is a BASE type library, which should be used by...lzeng14
2011-01-20ProcessCumulative() function always calculates the average performance by div...lzeng14
2010-12-30Show PEIM GUID in PERF log.lgao4
2010-11-15Fix build error.ydong10
2010-11-12Refine coding style.ydong10
2010-11-12Fixed build errorydong10
2010-11-09Move some define code to the uni file. Also fixed some memory leak.ydong10
2010-11-09Fix tracker for build error.ydong10
2010-11-08Refine code to make code follow the coding style.ydong10
2010-11-05Refine code to make code run more safely.ydong10
2010-10-26pass build for IPF.vanjeff
2010-09-29PerformancePkg: Fix build with GCCjljusten
2010-05-19Move TscTimerLib library to correct CPU ARCH as it depends on BaseLib API Asm...qhuang8
2010-05-19Remove unicode code in source code.qhuang8
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-04-23Libraries and utilities for instrumenting regions of code and measuring their...darylm503