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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-22Fix CRLF formatTian, Hot
2013-11-01OptionRomPkg: Corrected path for the FtdiUsbSerialDxe.inf in OptionRomPkg.dscAshley DeSimone
2013-10-29OptionRomPkg: Added bus driver for FTDI USB to serial adaptersAshley DeSimone
2013-08-21Fix OptionRomPkg build failure.Qian Ouyang
2013-08-20Update the structure of EFI_NETWORK_INTERFACE_IDENTIFIER_PROTOCOL, PXE_HW_UND...Qian Ouyang
2013-06-27Ax88772: Add logic to separate packet, fix MTU issue. Ax88772b: Fix driver mo...Yu Pei
2013-05-13Update Code to pass EBC compiler.lgao4
2013-02-27Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.0lpleahy
2012-12-131. Add EFI_COMPONENT_NAME2_PROTOCOL support for UNDI driver.sfu5
2012-10-03The Driver Binding Protocol Stop() function for the UndiRuntimeDxe is perform...mdkinney
2012-08-28Fix comparisons of enumerated types which may cause warnings for some compilers.rsun3
2012-06-14Fixed header commentlpleahy
2012-05-23update copyright formathhtian
2012-05-22SNP driver for ASIX Electronics AX88772 found in SMC Networks SMC2209 USB/Eth...lpleahy
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2011-12-16Refine file header format to follow coding style.ydong10
2011-10-25Consume the UNDI_CONFIG_TABLE defined in MdePkg and remove the local definiti...vanjeff
2011-09-30Remove old COMPRESS keyword, has add new kewword PCI_COMPRESS.ydong10
2011-07-06Fix the comments to follow UEFI Spec regarding how to check an EFI_HANDLE is ...niruiyu
2011-06-28Clean up invalid keywords and missing keywords in [Define] section of INF/DEC...lzeng14
2011-06-07update copyright line formathhtian
2011-05-09Clean up DEC files:mdkinney
2011-05-04Add data type convert action to avoid warning.ydong10
2011-04-25Refine code to make code run more safely.ydong10
2011-04-22OptionRomPkg FrameBufferBltLib: Fix build warning with ICCjljusten
2011-04-22OptionRomPkg BltLibSample: Fix build for IPF architecturejljusten
2011-04-20Fix an issue that upper layer driver can not use NIC card in its driver bindi...tye1
2011-04-17OptionRomPkg: Fix build error with BaseTools trunkjljusten
2011-04-17OptionRomPkg: Fix Visual Studio compiler warningsjljusten
2011-04-12OptionRomPkg BltLibSample: Add sample application for BltLibjljusten
2011-04-12OptionRomPkg: Add GOP based BltLibjljusten
2011-04-12OptionRomPkg: Add FrameBufferBltLib implementation of BltLibjljusten
2011-04-12OptionRomPkg: Add BltLib definitionjljusten
2011-03-10Update DebugLib to provide support for "err" command in the EFI Shell to adju...mdkinney
2010-12-28Clean ISA_IO/ISA_IO_16 and VGA_IO/VGA_IO_16 attribute usage in PCI bus driver...rsun3
2010-09-20Refine some code to make code run safely.ydong10
2010-05-21Clean up package/platform DSC files by the following steps:lgao4
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-02-231. Correct File header to ## @filelgao4
2010-02-12Update UNDI driver to expose dynamic media detect capability.xdu2
2009-12-14Enable Undi driver to support multicast MAC address mapped from IPv6 addresstye
2009-12-14Remove Driver Health sample driver from OptionRomPkg.gikidy
2009-12-04A sample driver produces driver health protocol. This driver use DiskIO drive...gikidy
2009-09-151. updated PCI/AGP Devices to check RemainingDevicePath in Supported() and St...vanjeff
2009-07-24if module doesn't explicitly depend on specific Pci spec, it should include I...eric_tian
2009-07-14Add default parameters for EfiRom for Cirrus Logic 5430.jljusten
2009-07-09Use PixelFormat PixelBitMask in CirrusLogic5430Dxe driver.jljusten
2009-07-03add UndiRuntimeDxe from MdeModulePkg to OptionRomPkg.vanjeff