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2013-01-25ARM Packages: Fixed line endingsoliviermartin
2011-08-18Omap35xxPkg/MMCHSDxe: Fixed initialization when started from gBS->ConnectCont...oliviermartin
2011-02-02Remove tabs.andrewfish
2010-05-28Add a little more code for SD Card DMA, but make sure it is turned off until...andrewfish
2010-05-11Add PCD setting for Timer, default is 10 times a second. You need the timer t...andrewfish
2010-05-08Add a DMA lib for the OMAP. It is a combination of PCI IO (generic ARM) DMA f...andrewfish
2010-05-04Program SD Cards into 4-bit mode (support for this is required in the spec). ...andrewfish
2010-04-30Updated MMC/SD Card driver to support hot add and remove of the media (SD Car...andrewfish
2010-04-29Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-04-03Added DebugAgentTimerLib. Cleaned up .h files and other code.andrewfish
2010-02-15Cleanup SerailIO drivers to have a device path and use PCD settings for vario...andrewfish
2010-01-28Moving OMAP 3530 code out of BeagleBoard package into its own packageandrewfish