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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-12EmbeddedPkg: Introduced a separate SerialPortExtLib libraryoliviermartin
2013-01-25ARM Packages: Fixed line endingsoliviermartin
2012-09-28EmbeddedPkg: Introduced 'SerialPortExtLib.h'oliviermartin
2011-09-22Arm Packages: Fixed coding style/Line endings to follow EDK2 coding conventionoliviermartin
2011-08-18Omap35xxPkg/Library/RealTimeClockLib: Add RTC Supportoliviermartin
2011-07-06Omap35xxPkg/Omap35xxTimerLib: Create a TimerConstructor in the TimerLiboliviermartin
2010-05-29Clean up OMAP DMA lib and split into generic DMA lib based on PCI_IO DMA abst...andrewfish
2010-05-28Fix line ending issue. Update DMA Map primatives to double buffer if buffer d...andrewfish
2010-05-11Add PCD setting for Timer, default is 10 times a second. You need the timer t...andrewfish
2010-05-08Add a DMA lib for the OMAP. It is a combination of PCI IO (generic ARM) DMA f...andrewfish
2010-04-29Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-04-21Cleanup name issues with PCD entries.andrewfish
2010-04-14DebugAgentTimerLib cleanupandrewfish
2010-04-13Fix Beagle references without using svn mv.andrewfish
2010-04-13Partial checkin fixing Beagle referencesandrewfish
2010-04-03Added DebugAgentTimerLib. Cleaned up .h files and other code.andrewfish
2010-02-25Remove svn:executable on *.c, *.h, *.asm, *.S, *.inf and *.asl*jljusten
2010-01-28Moving OMAP 3530 code out of BeagleBoard package into its own packageandrewfish