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2013-11-26Follow UEFI spec to add the definition for EFI_SPECIFICATION_VERSION, and upd...Shumin Qiu
2013-11-20MdeModulePkg and Nt32Pkg Pcd: Add the new EFI_GET_PCD_INFO_PROTOCOL and EFI_G...Star Zeng
2013-11-20MdeModulePkg and Nt32Pkg Pcd: Add the new EFI_GET_PCD_INFO_PROTOCOL and EFI_G...Star Zeng
2013-10-16Separate NT32 build directory, so that we can build IA32 and X64 image at sam...Yao, Jiewen
2013-10-12We enabled X64 native version NT32, and made it works on Windows 7 X64 OS.Jiamin Ma
2013-09-22resolve TpmMeasurementLib dependency introduced in r14687jyao1
2013-08-281. Change default PCD in SecurityPkg to 4 (DENY_EXECUTE) in DEC file.Fu Siyuan
2013-08-22Do not lock the volume when the volume maps to a file instead of a physical d...Ruiyu Ni
2013-08-19Nt32Pkg: Forbid creation of non-spec variables in EFI_GLOBAL_VARIABLE namespace.Star Zeng
2013-08-12Update NT32/Duet platform to use new display engine and browser.Eric Dong
2013-08-12Rollback patch 14537 & 14538, because patch 14537 is not tested by Laszlo Ers...Eric Dong
2013-08-09Update Browser to provide the customization possibilities.Eric Dong
2013-07-26Update all the code to consume the ConvertDevicePathToText, ConvertDevicePath...Ruiyu Ni
2013-07-03Nt32Pkg: Use FaultTolerantWritePei driver.Star Zeng
2013-06-13Use correct pointer to install DevicePath protocol.Star Zeng
2012-07-30Change the type of NotifyHandle from EFI_HANDLE to VOID * for SimpleTextInEx ...niruiyu
2012-05-31Fixed build failed.ydong10
2012-05-30Add new interface GetVariable2 and GetEfiGlobalVariable2 to return more info....ydong10
2012-05-24Remove the check of signature because the code which looks for the input Noti...niruiyu
2012-05-18Add logic to validate variable before use it.ydong10
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-16Add missing secure boot build optionhhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-04-11Nt32Pkg: Add Secure Boot build option including Custom Mode setupleegrosenbaum
2012-03-15Updated platform DSC files to add CPU Exception Library instances.vanjeff
2012-03-08Override the base address to make LoadLibraryEx success in WIN7 SP1 OS.ydong10
2012-02-15Enable write file to USB from Shell in Win7 OSydong10
2012-02-03Append double-null for Type 19 data record.lzeng14
2012-02-01Add Missing invocations to VA_END() for VA_START().rsun3
2011-12-13Update the Package version.niruiyu
2011-11-24Update console mode setup to use PcdSetupConOutColumn and PcdSetupConOutRow
2011-11-21According to PI errata 0000654 and 000811, we need use 0xFFFE to instead of 0...lzeng14
2011-11-17Correct the code to use SIZE_OF_EFI_FILE_INFO instead of sizeof (EFI_FILE_INF...niruiyu
2011-10-26Fix a bug which cause a CRTL, ALT, or SHIFT is pressed on the GOP console for...qianouyang
2011-10-25Change the SimpleTextInEx implementation to return CTRL+C when CTRL and C are...niruiyu
2011-10-24Enable the SE_TIME_ZONE_NAME privilege for NT32 to fix SetTime function test ...niruiyu
2011-10-19Avoid using code name in comments.niruiyu
2011-09-301. Add Partial Keystroke Support in Nt32 WinNTGopDxe driver. See the Uefi2.3....qianouyang
2011-06-28Clean up invalid keywords and missing keywords in [Define] section of INF/DEC...lzeng14
2011-06-09Fix ICC build issuesmdkinney
2011-05-31Fix the bug that WinNtBlockIo fails to properly allocate a buffer.niruiyu
2011-05-20Order sections as [Defines], [Includes], [LibraryClasses], [Guids], [Ppis], [...lzeng14
2011-05-16Return scan code for Pause key.vanjeff
2011-05-09Clean up DEC files:mdkinney
2011-05-05Fix DEC files so any PCD declared as Dynamic is also declared as DynamicExmdkinney
2011-04-19Fix NT32 Keyboard driver to call hotkey callback even no one is calling ReadK...niruiyu
2011-04-11Set EXECUTE flags in so RELEASE builds can tun correctly.mdkinney
2011-03-26Add right PCD Library instance mappinghhtian
2011-03-24Add PCD Library instance mapping for GraphicsConsole driver.rsun3
2011-03-16Add support for the GetTimerValue() to the CPU AP for NT32. This also requir...mdkinney