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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-22Merge remote-tracking branch 'rmt-1/linaro-topic-misc' into release-prepLeif Lindholm
2014-05-14MdeModulePkg: Implement EFI_FILE_PROTOCOL over Firmware VolumesBrendan Jackman
2014-05-14Move BasePathLib from ShellPkg to MdeModulePkgBrendan Jackman
2014-05-09MdeModulePkg/PartitionDxe: hack MBR unique signature to zeroRyan Harkin
2014-04-30MdeModulePkg/ScsiDisk: Using back-off algorithm to dynamically adjust transfe...Tian, Feng
2014-04-24Correct the incorrect string. Gao, Liming
2014-04-21Fix GCC build fail.Eric Dong
2014-04-18Refine the check expression result logic.Eric Dong
2014-04-18Enhance the browser parse opcode logic, skip the opcode which is not defined ...Eric Dong
2014-04-15Update question validation logic, move the check pointer from after user inpu...Eric Dong
2014-04-15MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg: Update TreePei to handle FvInfo2 and update FwVol o...Star Zeng
2014-04-14Call EFI_BROWSER_ACTION_RETRIEVE for each form instead of only call once befo...Eric Dong
2014-04-11Update logic, only question with interactive attribute should trig the callba...Eric Dong
2014-04-11Sync value for string opcode after call the Callback function.Eric Dong
2014-04-10MdeModulePkg/UsbMassStorage: Don't send READ_CAPACITY to unsupported usb mass...Tian, Feng
2014-04-10Check the pointer before use it.Eric Dong
2014-04-10Fix a bug in IP driver that the fragment overlap check may be skipped incorre...Fu Siyuan
2014-04-08Refine the load form sets process for BrowserCallback function.Eric Dong
2014-04-01Check the parameter before use it.Eric Dong
2014-03-28Add NULL pointer check in I2chost.Elvin Li
2014-03-28Add ASSERT to check if NewVariable is NULL.Elvin Li
2014-03-27Calculate enough space for 2 variables (public key and variable data) instead...Dong Guo
2014-03-27Update code logic, remove ASSERT and use error handling. Eric Dong
2014-03-27Remove RT attribute for variable PlatDriOver.Gao, Liming
2014-03-26Add check to make sure the data be valid.Gao, Liming
2014-03-25MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Calculate enough space for PlatformLang an...Star Zeng
2014-03-25Report the setting variable failure to platform through the status code when ...Ruiyu Ni
2014-03-25Report the setting variable failure to platform through the status code when ...Ruiyu Ni
2014-03-21MdeModulePkg PCD: Fix PCD driver to return default data if size mismatch.Star Zeng
2014-03-20Removes MacString Rt attribute in Ip4Config/Mnp driver.Fu Siyuan
2014-03-20Use PXE_OPFLAGS_STATION_ADDRESS_WRITE when setting new MAC address for the NI...Fu Siyuan
2014-03-20MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Return error status to avoid inconsistency...Star Zeng
2014-03-18Remove ASSERT when SetVariable for ConOutDev/ConInDev/ErrOutDev variables fai...Elvin Li
2014-03-17Add comments to describe PlatformDriOverrideDxe is used for test purpose. Gao, Liming
2014-03-17Remove ASSERT check for SetVariable in FirmwarePerformanceDataTableDxeGao, Liming
2014-03-01Add comment for S3BootScriptSaveMemPoll API, since it does not match PI speci...jyao1
2014-02-26When exit from GetFullStringFromHiiFormPackages function, should update the P...Eric Dong
2014-02-21Check the Config access protocol before use it.Eric Dong
2014-02-18Update configrequest string at runtime for dynamic created question.Eric Dong
2014-02-18Update the ValueChanged flag before call CHANGED callback type.Eric Dong
2014-02-13Set the Reset flag if user select one statement which has reset attribute and...Eric Dong
2014-02-13Fixed the issue in ExitBootServices() implementation to avoid the potential b...Gao, Liming
2014-02-12MdeModulePkg/DiskIo: Introduced 'PcdDiskIoDataBufferBlockNum'Olivier Martin
2014-02-12Keep highlight on the current highlight menu if form auto exit, not exit by u...Eric Dong
2014-02-12Set the free buffer pointer to NULL to avoid later free again.Eric Dong
2014-02-12Update the logic, only check the value change status for user input action, n...Eric Dong
2014-02-12Adjust date/time opcode before use it.Eric Dong
2014-02-12Fix several typo issues.Elvin Li
2014-02-11MdeModulePkg UsbBusPei: Produce a USB I/O PPI for all USB Interfaces a USB De...Star Zeng
2014-02-11Fix incorrect return status in InitializeDebugPortDriver() & DebugPortSupport...Tian, Feng