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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-28Early return when the "BootOrder" variable doesn't exist to avoid SetVariable...Ruiyu Ni
2014-04-23Update code logic to let BDS UI can shows more than one formsets in one HiiHa...Eric Dong
2014-03-28Add check to avoid null pointer deference.Ruiyu Ni
2014-03-26Remove RT attribute for variable LegacyDevOrderRuiyu Ni
2014-03-25MdeModulePkg/SecurityPkg Variable: Calculate enough space for PlatformLang an...Star Zeng
2014-03-25Report the setting variable failure to platform through the status code when ...Ruiyu Ni
2014-03-18IntelFrameworkModulePkg AcpiS3SaveDxe: Remove ASSERT, add lock and remove RT ...Star Zeng
2014-03-17Do not reset system when the MemoryTypeInformation variable cannot be written.Ruiyu Ni
2014-03-05The size of platform memory above 1M is measured in kilobytes.Mike Maslenkin
2014-01-22Fix CRLF formatTian, Hot
2014-01-10Update IntelFrameworkModulePkg version: 0.92->0.93Jeff Fan
2014-01-09Return to BMM page if parse the file info failed.Eric Dong
2014-01-08Rollback the patch 15054.Eric Dong
2014-01-07Not update the status until parse the file info success.Eric Dong
2013-12-18Rollback the change to EFI_BOOT_KEY_DATA structure since UEFI Spec adds the c...Ruiyu Ni
2013-12-11Add additional check mRuntimeSmbiosEntryPoint == NULL to avoid K9 error.Elvin Li
2013-12-05Following UEFI spec, update SmbiosDxe to use EfiRuntimeServicesData to put SM...Elvin Li
2013-11-07Fix wrong parameter usage in GenericBdsLibConstructorczhang46
2013-10-16Fix DxeCapsuleLib build failureczhang46
2013-10-15Enable UEFI firmware to support FMP capsule format.czhang46
2013-10-14Move update legacy order logic from CHANGING to CHANGED.Eric Dong
2013-10-14Correct a typo: Change the type of the 4th parameter of EFI_DRIVER_HEALTH_PRO...Ruiyu Ni
2013-09-26Fix the BdsExpandPartitionPartialDevicePathToFull() hang issue by duplicates ...Ruiyu Ni
2013-09-16Create PCDs in MdeModulePkg for ACPI table OEM_ID/OEM_TABLE_ID/OEM_REVISION/C...Star Zeng
2013-07-26Update all the code to consume the ConvertDevicePathToText, ConvertDevicePath...Ruiyu Ni
2013-05-23Move the memory allocation and variable set to BdsEntry, use VariableLock pro...lzeng14
2013-05-17Add EDKII_VARIABLE_LOCK_PROTOCOL and the implementation in MdeModulePkg varia...niruiyu
2013-05-13Update Code to pass EBC compiler.lgao4
2013-05-09Check if video device exists before trying to install Video
2013-04-23Remove the blank line between InitializeLangVariable() and it's function header.lzeng14
2013-04-23Fix GCC build failure caused by R14307.lzeng14
2013-04-22Enhance InitializeLanguage() to set PcdUefiVariableDefaultPlatformLang to Pla...lzeng14
2013-04-12Add OpROM code type check to ensure OpROM is PCAT legacy OpROM when an OpROM
2013-04-03Get the language string before use it to avoid reuse freed buffer.ydong10
2013-03-29When EDID comes from hardware INT10 and does not include 800x600, 640x480
2013-03-19Remove BdsLibConnectConsoleVariableWithoutDispatch() and enhance BdsLibConnec...niruiyu
2013-03-15Call LegacyBiosInstallVgaRom to shadow Legacy VBIOS instead of
2013-03-05Follow UEFI spec, set TimeOut and HwErrRecSupport variable by EFI variable se...lzeng14
2013-02-21Refine the code to avoid error report.ydong10
2013-02-21BMP file may has padding data between the bmp header section and the bmp data...ydong10
2013-01-30Get support languages from "PlatformLangCodes" instead of front page string p...ydong10
2013-01-22Take the highest horizontal resolution as highest video
2013-01-22Parse full EDID data to get all video resolutions supported by
2013-01-17Fix ICC11(VS2005) build failure.lzeng14
2013-01-15Follow UEFI spec, clean the CRC32 field before calculate CRC for system table.ydong10
2012-12-12Update PCD
2012-12-12Remove hard code value and create new PCDs for OpROM reserved range in CSM
2012-11-30ACPI4.0/5.0 have clear description:jyao1
2012-11-26Fix IA32 build failure to add UINTN type
2012-11-23Update FrameBufferSize aligned with UEFI