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2014-01-10New FatDxe binary.Ruiyu Ni
2013-11-29Fix a bug in Fat driver that it asserts when OpenEx/ReadEx/WriteEx is about t...Ruiyu Ni
2013-11-22Check in Fat release (EBC, IA32, X64, IPF) binaries built from MdePkg and Bas...Ruiyu Ni
2013-11-08Check in Fat release (EBC, IA32, X64, IPF) binaries built from MdePkg and Bas...Ruiyu Ni
2013-08-15Add the AArch64 FAT binary to the EDK2 repository.Olivier Martin
2013-06-08Update to new SVN URL in readme.txtTian, Hot
2012-09-27FatBinPkg: Added ARM Binariesoliviermartin
2012-04-11FatBinPkg/License.txt: Sync with License.txt in FatPkgjljusten
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-01-31New Fat binaries for EBC/IA32/IPF/X64 built from UDK2010.SR1 (core package@r1...niruiyu
2011-12-13Update the Package version.niruiyu
2011-10-13Check in the new EBC Fat binary to have correct file alignment and section al...niruiyu
2011-05-09Clean up DEC files:mdkinney
2010-05-07Update binaries to integrate a fix to support hot plug during FAT driver bind...qhuang8
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-03-181. Update Fat Binaries to fix a migration bug about EFI lock semantics change.qhuang8
2010-02-241. Correct File header to ## @filelgao4
2009-12-161. Update Fat binaries for IA32, x64, IPF and EBC to base on MdePkg 1.01 rele...qhuang8
2009-07-24Update the FAT binaries to build against MdePkg, BaseTools 1.00 release and n...qhuang8
2009-06-18Reviewed the description in the FatBinPkg .dec file. pkandel
2009-06-18Correct Fat Commentslgao4
2009-03-25Update FAT binary for the source update:qhuang8
2009-03-24Update the revision number for the binaryqhuang8
2009-03-241. Fix a spec conformance issue that "Attributes" should only be checked when...qhuang8
2008-09-20remove the unused msa/npsd fileslgao4
2008-08-25remove the unused msa files in FatBinPkg, IntelFrameworkPkg, IntelFrameworkMo...lgao4
2008-02-01Regenerate Fat binaries for the bug fix of LookupUnicodeString2() in UefiLib ...qhuang8
2007-12-20Update Fat Binary to use EDK II Prime EnhancedFat driver in FatPkg.qhuang8
2007-10-10Remove BINARY_MODULE = true attribute from binary module inf file, because th...lgao4
2007-10-09Add BINARY_MODULE = true attribute in binary module inf file.lgao4
2007-09-27change.Correct Binary file description.lgao4
2007-08-27Remove the unnecessary "BINARY_MODULE" in binary INF file according to Extend...qhuang8
2007-08-24Remove the optional "Target" according to Extended INF spec 0.42.qhuang8
2007-08-01Fix the wrong file type in binary inf file.qhuang8
2007-07-20remove some comments introduced by tools.vanjeff
2007-07-09Add ReadMe.txt to specify that the EFI image FatBinPkg provides does not cont...qhuang8
2007-07-09Rename Internal directory of FatBinPkg to make it more descriptive.qhuang8
2007-07-07Update Fat.efi for all architectures. The original EFI images were not correct.qhuang8
2007-06-29Add FatBinPkgqhuang8