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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-14Move BasePathLib from ShellPkg to MdeModulePkgBrendan Jackman
2014-04-15EmulatorPkg/Unix GCC: Add additional library search pathsJordan Justen
2014-04-15EmulatorPkg/Unix GCC: Link to libdlJordan Justen
2014-04-15EmulatorPkg: Add missing DisplayEngineDxe driverAndrew Fish
2014-01-16Update PeiServicesTablePointerLib instance to add new API MigratePeiServicesT...Gao, Liming
2013-07-03EmulatorPkg: Use FaultTolerantWritePei driver.Star Zeng
2013-05-15EmulatorPkg: Add SerialPortExtLib library class mappingjljusten
2013-05-14EmulatorPkg/(Pei|Dxe)EmuSerialPortLib: Remove the SerialPortExtLib functions ...oliviermartin
2012-12-22Update to build with 10.8 OS X Frameworks. This is a Mac only change.andrewfish
2012-12-22Sync with EmulatorPkg changes.andrewfish
2012-12-22Fix structure init issues.andrewfish
2012-08-28EmulatorPkg/PlatformSmbiosDxe: Fix build issue with UNIXGCCjljusten
2012-08-28Fix comparisons of enumerated types which may cause warnings for some compilers.rsun3
2012-08-15EmulatorPkg: Fix Visual Studio build for IA32 & X64jljusten
2012-08-13EmulatorPkg: Support GCC47 toolchainjljusten
2012-04-30EmulatorPkg/ Fix link issue for openSUSEjljusten
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-03-16Fix build break caused by CPU Exception Library.andrewfish
2012-02-03Append double-null for Type 19 data record.lzeng14
2012-02-01Fix case sensativity issues.andrewfish
2012-02-01Add Missing invocations to VA_END() for VA_START().rsun3
2012-01-31Update based on review feedback.andrewfish
2012-01-30cleanup SmbiosLib.h definitions, and the code that depends on them. andrewfish
2012-01-30Oops missed these items in 12966. Also forgot the signoff, this signoff inclu...andrewfish
2012-01-30Add a new SMBIOS Library, and platform SMBIOS driver that does not use Framew...andrewfish
2012-01-26Fix bug where { NULL } did not terminate with a double NULL. Add support for ...andrewfish
2012-01-24Remove Framework concepts and fully port to PI. Remove the use of Hii for har...andrewfish
2012-01-11Fix bug in SNP driver where default values for SNP mode are not filled in. Th...andrewfish
2012-01-07Fix bug where open() mode was not being set based on type of device being emu...andrewfish
2012-01-06Add an error print and exit if SEC core is not found. andrewfish
2011-12-15Add a PcdEmulatorLazyLoadSymbols that allows non-lazy symbol loading. The pro...andrewfish
2011-11-21According to PI errata 0000654 and 000811, we need use 0xFFFE to instead of 0...lzeng14
2011-11-08EmulatorPkg, OvmfPkg: Remove debug code in build.shjljusten
2011-10-31EmulatorPkg: Fix DSC_SPECIFICATION typo in dscjljusten
2011-10-31EmulatorPkg: Remove variables that are set, but not usedjljusten
2011-10-31EmulatorPkg Linux: Improve detection of libraries for host executablejljusten
2011-10-31EmulatorPkg/ Detect GCC 4.5 & 4.6jljusten
2011-10-31EmulatorPkg/ Cleanup variable namesjljusten
2011-09-29Remove unused PCD entry that generates warning on a build.andrewfish
2011-09-05Fix EmulatorPkg build
2011-08-29Fix the incorrect usage for PCD PcdResetOnMemoryTypeInformationChange in Duet...lgao4
2011-08-13EmulatorPkg/ Pass extra build options to the build commandjljusten
2011-08-11EmulatorPkg: Remove UnixPkg instance of the BaseLib and use PcdDxeIplBuildPag...andrewfish
2011-08-11EmulatorPkg: Make the library work with DXE Core.andrewfish
2011-08-11EmulatorPkg: Make early DEBUG prints in DXE Core work.andrewfish
2011-07-29EmulatorPkg/ Add build target to command linejljusten
2011-07-15EmulatorPkg: Fix bug with missing &. Causes a link failure on TOT clang.andrewfish
2011-07-01EmulatorPkg: update New Shell build for new PathLib. Turn off GuardMalloc lib...andrewfish
2011-06-29EmulatorPkg: Match paths/names for Xcode with new package naming scheme.andrewfish