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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-14EdkShellPkg/ShellR64.patch: Adding missing files from the patchOlivier Martin
2014-01-13EdkShellPkg/ShellR64.patch: Update patch to fix RVCTLINUX buildOlivier Martin
2013-11-26Follow UEFI spec to add the definition for EFI_SPECIFICATION_VERSION, and upd...Shumin Qiu
2013-09-23EdkShellPkg: Add Aarch64 supportOlivier Martin
2013-06-08Update to new SVN URL in readme.txtTian, Hot
2012-09-27EdkShellPkg: Added new patch to support EFI Shell project revision 61oliviermartin
2012-06-22EdkShellPkg/ShellR33.patch: Fixed '32'2' folder namesoliviermartin
2012-06-14EdkShellPkg/ShellR33.patch: Fixed case in filenamesoliviermartin
2012-06-08EdkShellPkg/EdkShellPkg.dsc: Added CompilerStubLib & CompilerIntrinsicLib for...oliviermartin
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2011-11-25Uses DEFINE instead of define keyword to define global macro.lgao4
2010-06-01Update EdkShellPkg.dsc read me to add a note to remind developers to update p...qhuang8
2010-05-31Correct the svn repository linkklu2
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-02-231. Correct File header to ## @filelgao4
2009-11-18Fix incorrect EDK library enumeration in EdkShellPkg.dsc:qhuang8
2009-11-10Added a patch for Shell svn rev 33 that makes it build under GCC and ARM RVCT...AJFISH
2009-11-10Adding GCC and RVCT support. Since edk uses [nmake] section we add to add <Bu...AJFISH
2009-08-24Make end of line consistent caused by previous check in.qhuang8
2009-08-24Integrate the patch contributed by Andrew Fish to add ARM support.qhuang8
2009-06-01Remove ShellHotFix.patch since the newest EDK shell snapshot has integrated t...qhuang8
2009-05-31Update build.exe after StrGather was updated. Add -s build flag in EdkShellPk...rsun3
2009-04-17fixed one bug when "reconnect -r"vanjeff
2009-03-13Update default EDK Shell project Folder to be directly under workspace.qhuang8
2009-03-10Three GUIDs had been retired, PrimaryConsoleInDeviceGuid, PrimaryConsoleOutDe...vanjeff
2009-02-17Fixed file path casejwang36
2009-02-10Add comments in DSC files to explain the function and design of components se...xli24
2009-01-27git-svn-id: 6f1...jcarsey
2009-01-27update default and comment to resolve confusionjcarsey
2009-01-15Move CompilerStub library for IA32 & x64 only. qhuang8
2009-01-14Update EdkShellPkg to remove the external Shell directory from EDK shell proj...qhuang8
2008-09-12Fix a typo in ReadMe.txt.qhuang8
2008-09-03Update Shell hot fix patch to integrate a fix to solve "CHAR8" compatibility ...qhuang8
2008-08-18Add a readme.txt file as a brief introduction to this new package.qhuang8
2008-08-18Add a Shell Hot Fix patch to solve RFC3066 language compatibility issue and "...qhuang8
2008-08-18Add EDK II DSC file to build validate EDK Shell source and ECP. It can also g...qhuang8