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2011-12-13Update the Package version.lgao4
2011-09-20Clean up the private GUID definition in module Level.lgao4
2011-05-09Clean up DEC files:mdkinney
2011-05-04Fix DEC files so any PCD declared as Dynamic is also declared as DynamicExmdkinney
2010-12-23Fix boot script thunk issue that we need dispatch in PEI mode for Framework d...jyao1
2010-11-26Sync all bug fixes between EDK1.04 and EDK1.06 into EdkCompatibilityPkg. lgao4
2010-04-24Update the copyright notice formathhtian
2010-03-10Add the BootState GUID to EdkCompatibilityPkg.dec and the accordingly GUID he...niruiyu
2010-03-09Update EdkCompatibilityPkg version from 0.90 to 0.91lgao4
2010-03-01Update EDKII core UEFI/PI version.lgao4
2010-02-241. Correct File header to ## @filelgao4
2009-12-31Add 4 Framework/PI SMM thunk drivers. Combined use of these drivers can suppo...rsun3
2009-07-30update EdkCompatibilityPkg version to 0.90vanjeff
2009-06-18Reviewed the description of ECP in the .dec file for clarity and completeness...pkandel
2009-05-08Refine language conversion in ECP. Create a new library LanguageLib providing...rsun3
2009-04-17add comments for protocol/print.h and retire ReadOnlyVariableThunkPresentjchen20
2009-02-23Add print protocol GUID to EdkCompatibilityPkg.dec and add PrintThunk to EdkC...qhuang8
2008-12-26Upgrade both PACKAGE_VERSION and PLATFORM_VERSION to 0.5 as major function ha...qwang12
2008-05-201) Make Compatibility/Include the public include directory.qwang12
2007-06-28Add in the 1st version of ECP.qwang12