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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-23Fix CRLF formatTian, Hot
2013-04-251. Use the check IsAddressValid() to prevent SMM communication buffer overflo...lzeng14
2012-11-28Save/Restore missing volatile registers (XMM0-5) save/restore in Page Fault h...vanjeff
2012-11-12Allocate ReservedMemory instead of ACPIMemoryNVS for its shadow memory space ...lzeng14
2012-11-12Free the buffer allocated by GetSectionFromAnyFv() when exit, and add Error S...lzeng14
2012-08-28Fix comparisons of enumerated types which may cause warnings for some compilers.rsun3
2012-07-02EdkCompatibilityPkg MpServicesOnFrameworkMpServicesThunk: Update .S files to ...rsun3
2012-06-26EdkCompatibilityPkg SmmBaseHelper: In SmmHandlerEntry(), add check to ensure ...rsun3
2012-05-31Fixed build failed.ydong10
2012-05-30Add new interface GetVariable2 and GetEfiGlobalVariable2 to return more info....ydong10
2012-05-10Enhance the logic when extract data from storage.ydong10
2012-03-151. Updated S3Resume2Pei to save IA32 IDT table setup in protected mode. vanjeff
2011-11-21According to PI errata 0000654 and 000811, we need use 0xFFFE to instead of 0...lzeng14
2011-11-21PI 1.2 Errata C: A new return condition is added for the returned status code...rsun3
2011-10-19Avoid using code name in comments.niruiyu
2011-09-29Add more check to avoid access violation.ydong10
2011-09-28EdkCompatibilityPkg SmmBaseHelper: Fix PageFaultHandlerHook assembly code to ...rsun3
2011-09-26EdkCompatibilityPkg MpServicesOnFrameworkMpServicesThunk: Check for x2APIC mo...rsun3
2011-09-20Clean up the private GUID definition in module Level.lgao4
2011-08-31EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add BootScriptThunkHelper driverjljusten
2011-08-30Enhance the SmmBaseHelper driver to support changing SMBASE/IORestart/AutoHAL...rsun3
2011-08-01Create smbios table before ReadyToBoot event. For SMBIOS thunk driver,
2011-08-01Clean and split AcpiVariable.h in IntelFrameworkModulePkg into 2 new .h files...rsun3
2011-07-19EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add DxeSmmReadyToLockOnExitPmAuthThunk driverjljusten
2011-07-12EdkCompatabilityPkg: Fix build issues with X64 clangandrewfish
2011-06-27EdkCompatibilityPkg: Add AcpiVariableHobOnSmramReserveHobThunkjljusten
2011-06-08String Reference Cleanup.lzeng14
2011-05-30Update code to pass packaging tool.lzeng14
2011-05-20Refine all R9 call back function to return EFI_UNSUPPORTED for all unsupporte...ydong10
2011-04-27Fix 2 BootScript thunk issue on MEM_POLL.jyao1
2011-04-20Add missing Type 35 support and correct SmbiosFldMiscType13 implementation.lzeng14
2011-03-30Update inf file to follow spec.ydong10
2011-03-14Enhance inf file to follow inf spec.ydong10
2011-03-10Update module to pass in a valid EFI_HANDLE when is reloads and restarts itse...mdkinney
2011-03-07ECP package BootScriptSaveOnS3SaveStateThunk driver needs to support framewor...lgao4
2011-01-28Don't need to update its copy right. It is same to previous version. lgao4
2011-01-28Roll back previous change. GCC assembly file should use .S postfix. lgao4
2011-01-24Correct file name. lgao4
2011-01-05Correct return value check.jyao1
2010-12-26Fix CYG GCC build fail on retf.jyao1
2010-12-25Replace @@ symbol since GCC does not recognize it.jyao1
2010-12-24Fix GCC build failure.jyao1
2010-12-22Fix boot script thunk issue that we need dispatch in PEI mode for Framework d...jyao1
2010-12-10Add missing fields of Type 4
2010-10-28Correct Comments.lgao4
2010-10-12Add Framework SMM Status Code Protocol on PI SMM Status Code Protocol Thunk d...rsun3
2010-09-13Refine some code to make code run safely.ydong10
2010-09-10Refine some code to make the code run safely.ydong10
2010-08-27Program virtual wire mode and disable LINT0 and LINT1 in ApProcWrapper() of M...rsun3
2010-08-23Update MpServicesOnFrameworkMpServicesThunk to consume Local APIC library.rsun3