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2014-05-14Move BasePathLib from ShellPkg to MdeModulePkgBrendan Jackman
2013-11-19Enable the build command override the .DSC file contents to enable debug outp...Lee Leahy
2013-10-25EADK (AppPkg): Update the Python ReadMe file, Python/PythonReadMe.txt, to ref...Daryl McDaniel
2013-10-24EADK (StdLib, AppPkg, StdLibPrivateInternalFiles): Update ReadMe.txt in all p...Daryl McDaniel
2013-02-08- For writing sin_port, htons() must be used.lpleahy
2013-02-08- For writing sin_port, htons() must be used.lpleahy
2013-01-18AppPkg/Applications/Python: Add support for the pyexpat module.darylm503
2013-01-16StdLib & AppPkg: Update the list of known ISSUES.darylm503
2013-01-16AppPkg/Applications/Main/Main.c: Remove EFIAPI from the definition of the mai...darylm503
2013-01-16List of known issues with the items contained within AppPkg.darylm503
2012-04-24Update copyright formathhtian
2012-04-16AppPkg/Applications/Python: Add Python 2.7.2 sources since the release of Pyt...darylm503
2012-04-11EDK II Packages: Add Contributions.txt and License.txt filesjljusten
2012-04-04AppPkg/Applications/Python: Fix bug where the StdLib\lib\site-python and StdL...darylm503
2012-03-28StdLib/Include/stdarg.h: Added the __va_copy macro for Python compatibility.darylm503
2012-03-27AppPkg/Applications/Sockets: Address GCC and Linux compilation problems.darylm503
2012-03-24EADK (StdLib, AppPkg, StdLibPrivateInternalFiles): Python Beta Release.darylm503
2012-03-20Update the license dateslpleahy
2012-02-28StdLib, AppPkg: Update ReadMe files.darylm503
2012-02-17Fix the errors detected by the GCC compiler:lpleahy
2012-02-13Update documentation to match required tree on the storage device.lpleahy
2012-02-10Fix some errors detected by the GCC 4.4 compiler.lpleahy
2012-02-09Merged socket development branch:lpleahy
2012-01-27AppPkg/Applications/Python: Fix a mis-located module and establish the minimu...darylm503
2012-01-26AppPkg/Applications/Python: Get Python startup process fully working for EDK II.darylm503
2011-12-01AppPkg/Applications/Python: Workaround recent build tool changes which preven...darylm503
2011-10-04Update applications to display correct error for gethostbyaddr and gethostbyn...lpleahy
2011-10-03StdLib: Improve robustness of stat() and make basename() a public function.darylm503
2011-09-30Update the sockets applicationslpleahy
2011-09-11AppPkg|Python: Files from the Python 2.7.2 distribution that must be modified...darylm503
2011-08-22Add documentation on how to build for execution within an emulation environment.darylm503
2011-08-09Disable building socket applications.darylm503
2011-08-05Fix @return Doxygen commands to be singular instead of plural.darylm503
2011-08-02Add plain-text ReadMe files and delete the PDF version.darylm503
2011-08-02Make it easy to build the socket applicationslpleahy
2011-07-30Add Socket Library applications.darylm503
2011-06-29Give Python/PythonCore.inf its own GUID.darylm503
2011-06-28Missing from previous check-in.darylm503
2011-06-28Basic Core Python interpreter.darylm503
2011-06-28Changes required to build using the new device abstraction capability of StdLib.darylm503
2011-04-28Correct typo: GCC 5.4 --> GCC 4.5.darylm503
2011-04-27Standard Libraries for EDK II.darylm503