AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-28ShellPkg: fix display for map command with filteringtianocore-edk2Jaben Carsey
2014-05-22ShellPkg: replace unrecognized Environment Variables with empty quotes so com...Jaben Carsey
2014-05-22Update the comments for function 'InternalShellExecuteDevicePath' in ShellPro...Qiu Shumin
2014-05-22Remove the RT attribute for HDDP variable and validate the variable content b...Ruiyu Ni
2014-05-22Remove the assertion which may cause IsDevicePathValid() hang in DEBUG build.Ruiyu Ni
2014-05-21Add 'file not found' debug message to MTFTP.Brendan Jackman
2014-05-20OvmfPkg/SMBIOS: Add QEMU support to OVMF SMBIOS driverGabriel Somlo
2014-05-20OvmfPkg/SMBIOS: Reuse handles supplied by underlying VMGabriel Somlo
2014-05-20OvmfPkg: QemuVideoDxe: Int10h stub for Windows 7 & 2008 (stdvga, QXL)Laszlo Ersek
2014-05-19ArmPkg/BdsLib: Added support for TFTP servers without 'tsize' extensionOlivier Martin
2014-05-19Change PciIo::GetBarAttributes() to return unsupported for a unsupported bar ...Ruiyu Ni
2014-05-19Handle multi instances device path while connecting console devices.Qiu Shumin
2014-05-16EmbeddedPkg/PrePiLib: Remove duplicated definition of EFI_STATUS_CODE_DATA_MA...Olivier Martin
2014-05-15Change PciIo::GetBarAttributes() to return unsupported for a unsupported bar ...Ruiyu Ni
2014-05-15MdeModulePkg/AtaAtapiPassThru: Handle timeout 0 as indefinitely wait to stric...Tian, Feng
2014-05-15Fix some build issues (ARM toolchain).Olivier Martin
2014-05-14ArmPlatformPkg/NorFlashDxe: Fixed LBA for FVBOlivier Martin
2014-05-14ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpress-CTA15-A7.dsc: Fixed LAN controller nameOlivier Martin
2014-05-14ShellPkg: Add error messages to CP when destination file or directory cannot ...Jaben Carsey
2014-05-14ShellPkg: report error when EfiDecompress is run on a non-compressed fileJaben Carsey
2014-05-14ArmPkg/BdsLib/AArch64: Added more useful error messages when loading LinuxBrendan Jackman
2014-05-14ArmPkg/BdsLib: Fix allocating kernel buffer in TFTPBrendan Jackman
2014-05-14ArmPkg/CpuDxe/AArch64: Fixed SyncCacheConfig() when first entry is in 3-levelOlivier Martin
2014-05-14Based on request, export ResetRequired info used by browser.Eric Dong
2014-05-14Add code to connect device path of console devices correctly for Shell comman...Qiu Shumin
2014-05-13ShellPkg: Do not mix status when executing a commandOlivier Martin
2014-05-13Fix comment typos. Gao, Liming
2014-05-13Update the comments for function 'ConvertPixelFormat' in UefiHandleParsingLib...Qiu Shumin
2014-05-12Update function descriptions of AIP EFI_ADAPTER_INFO_GET_SUPPORTED_TYPES.Gao, Liming
2014-05-12Correct String language tag.Gao, Liming
2014-05-08ArmPkg/BdsLib: Fix booting with partial pathsMark Salter
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Cache the HW Description addressBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Fix flushing new filesBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Fix finding space for new filesBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Don't write file header to media until FlushBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Fix permission check in SetFileInfoBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/BootMonFs: Use DiskIO to read image descriptionsBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressPkg: Remove the last 16MB of the 32bit DRAM regionOlivier Martin
2014-05-08ARM Packages: Use .8byte instead of .dword for pointersBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ARM Packages: Use AND instead of BIC instruction with immediateBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPkg/CpuDxe/AArch64: use STUR instruction for signed offsetBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPkg/CpuDxe/AArch64/ExceptionSupport.S: Fix immediate syntaxBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ARM Packages: use GCC_ASM_EXPORT to export functionsBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmLib/AArch64Support.S: remove export of unimplemented functionBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ARM Packages: Remove GCC filter for AARCH64 assembly filesBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: Fix setting kernel command lineOlivier Martin
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/Drivers/NorFlashDxe: Directly implement DiskIO protocolBrendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/ArmVExpressSecLibRTSM: Only use extended name of system regist...Brendan Jackman
2014-05-08ArmPlatformPkg/NorFlashDxe: Optimise FVB protocolHarry Liebel
2014-05-07ShellPkg: Add a support to query AdapterInfo protocol for Shell ‘dh’ comm...Tapan Shah