AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-22arm: add conditionalised networking support for foundation modellinaro-platform-fvp/14.10linaro-platform-fvpLeif Lindholm
2014-10-22arm: add conditionalised networking support for FVPLeif Lindholm
2014-10-22arm: Add conditional inclusion of LAN91x ethernet supportLeif Lindholm
2014-10-22FVP: Add support for EDK2_USE_ANDROID_CONFIG build parameterAmit Pundir
2014-10-22FVP: change default BDS config to mount the rootfs over virtioRyan Harkin
2014-10-22FVP: Add support for EDK2_OUT_DIR build parameterRyan Harkin
2014-10-22tools_def: AARCH64: use CROSS_COMPILE variableAmit Pundir
2014-10-02ShellPkg: Update SetVar to use existing attributes for updating existing vari...tianocore-edk2-2014.10Jaben Carsey
2014-10-02ShellPkg: Update MV. now supports across file system moves.Jaben Carsey
2014-10-02OvmfPkg: SecureBootConfigDxe: remove stale forkLaszlo Ersek
2014-10-02OvmfPkg: disable stale fork of SecureBootConfigDxeLaszlo Ersek
2014-09-30MdeModulePkg/ScsiDiskDxe: Fix the build warning/error "unreachable statement"Olivier Martin
2014-09-29Removes some unused assigned variables.Olivier Martin
2014-09-29Both printed fields are 64 bit long for IA32 too. It is better to print them ...Nikolai Saoukh
2014-09-29Removes some unused assigned variables. Some compiler (GCC in this case) rais...Olivier Martin
2014-09-28EmulatorPkg/MpService: remove redundant switch-case statementChen Fan
2014-09-28EmulatorPkg/MpService: Check Processor State when Set ProcedureChen Fan
2014-09-28EmulatorPkg/MpService: use simple pointer accessChen Fan
2014-09-28EmulatorPkg/MpService: Fix a NULL referenceChen Fan
2014-09-28Fix an issue on FixedMtreProgramming - AND/OR mask incorrect.jyao1
2014-09-26Roll back the dependency change in MOR driver.Dong, Guo
2014-09-25BaseTools: Use '/' as path separator for objcopy --add-gnu-debuglinkNikolai Saoukh
2014-09-25OvmfPkg: Fix VS2005 build warningsJordan Justen
2014-09-25OvmfPkg/AcpiPlatformDxe: Fix VS2012 IA32 build warningJordan Justen
2014-09-24BaseTools: Actually plug in BaseTools build on AArch64Leif Lindholm
2014-09-24Enhance TargetName check when save iSCSI configuration.Ye Ting
2014-09-24Enhance TargetName check when save iSCSI configuration.Ye Ting
2014-09-24The binaries of ShellBinPkg are generated with ShellPkg project 16163. The bi...Qiu Shumin
2014-09-24Users of the LP64 data model should declare SIXTY_FOUR_BIT_LONG, not SIXTY_FO...Ard Biesheuvel
2014-09-24ShellPkg: Make the argument type match the function expected parameter type t...Qiu Shumin
2014-09-23Refine get default value process for browser. Eric Dong
2014-09-23ShellPkg: Refine code style to avoid potential NullPointer dereference.Qiu Shumin
2014-09-23BaseTools: Update nmake Makefile to handle the file path with “:\\”.Gao, Liming
2014-09-23ShellPkg: Fix setting hot key for boot option fail.Qiu Shumin
2014-09-22OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: implement QEMU's full ACPI table loader interfaceLaszlo Ersek
2014-09-22OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: remove current ACPI table loaderLaszlo Ersek
2014-09-22OvmfPkg: AcpiPlatformDxe: actualize QemuLoader.h commentsLaszlo Ersek
2014-09-22OvmfPkg: resolve OrderedCollectionLib with base red-black tree instanceLaszlo Ersek
2014-09-22BaseTools/ECC: Ignore duplicate check for 'NULL' libraryHess Chen
2014-09-22BaseTools/Upt: Fix several bugsHess Chen
2014-09-22Fix X64 native function call prolog. Prepare space for at least 4 arguments,Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud elhaj
2014-09-22Correct the convert hex string to decimal value logic.Eric Dong
2014-09-19BaseTools/Upt: Fix several bugsHess Chen
2014-09-19ShellPkg: ShellPkg: Fix the cp fail while coping directory.Ni Ruiyu
2014-09-19ShellPkg: Remove the redundant quotes around the parameter for 'alias'.Qiu Shumin
2014-09-19ShellPkg: Refine code style to avoid potential uninitialized local variable.Qiu Shumin
2014-09-18EmbeddedPkg: Introduced NULL library for SerialPortExtLibOlivier Martin
2014-09-18ArmPkg/TimerDxe: add workaround for KVM timer interrupt handlingArd Biesheuvel
2014-09-18ArmPlatformPkg: Introduced ArmPlatformSysConfigLib NULL libraryOlivier Martin
2014-09-18StdLib: Produce DevMedia as a library class alternative to DevShell.Daryl McDaniel