AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-11VEA9: ArmPkg/ArmLib: Revert data cache clean/disable order when turning MMU onlinaro-platform-a9/14.07Ryan Harkin
2014-07-11VEA9: use Linaro default configRyan Harkin
2014-07-11VEA9: Revert A9 part of "ArmPkg/ArmCpuLib: Fixed SMP Cortex-A9 and Cortex-A15"Ryan Harkin
2014-07-11VEA9: default to EDK2_ARMVE_SINGLE_BINARY=1Ryan Harkin
2014-07-11VEA9: allow custom output directoryRyan Harkin
2014-07-11VEA9: Add single binary configRyan Harkin
2014-07-08Refine the save action for the browser.tianocore-edk2-2014.07Eric Dong
2014-07-08Update OpenSSL from 0.9.8w to the latest 0.9.8za.Long, Qin
2014-07-08MdeModulePkg XhciPei: Fix build failure "conversion from 'UINT32' to 'UINT8',...Star Zeng
2014-07-07Refine code to follow good coding style.Eric Dong
2014-07-07MdeModulePkg XhciPei: Initialize ScratchPhy and ScratchEntryPhy in XhcPeiInit...Star Zeng
2014-07-07MdeModulePkg XhciDxe: Initialize ScratchPhy and ScratchEntryPhy in XhcInitSch...Star Zeng
2014-07-07Restore the question value before call the CHANGED callback type.Eric Dong
2014-07-04EmulatorPkg: Add structure braces { } to fix build warningJordan Justen
2014-07-04EmulatorPkg/PlatformSmbiosDxe/SmbiosTable.c: Convert to CRLF (dos text)Jordan Justen
2014-07-04EmbeddedPkg/Lan9118Dxe: Handle EFI_STATUS from PhySoftReset() & SoftReset()Olivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPlatformPkg/Bds: Added boot timeout settingRonald Cron
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Returned the InterruptId in ArmGicAcknowledgeInterrupt()Olivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Introduced support for GicV2 to ArmGicDxeOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Introduced support for GicV2 to ArmGicLibOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Moved ArmGicDisableDistributor() to ArmGicLib.cOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Move RegisterInterruptSource() to the common GicDxe fileOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Move the installation and the registration to InstallAndRegist...Olivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Make the GicDxe driver depends on ArmGicLib (cont)Olivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Introduced helper functions to access the GIC controllerOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Make the GicDxe driver depends on ArmGicLibOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/ArmGic: Move out the EndOfInterrupt from the interrupt acknowledgementOlivier Martin
2014-07-04ArmPkg/Drivers/ArmGic: Introduced ArmGicEndOfInterrupt()Olivier Martin
2014-07-04MdeModulePkg XhciDxe: XHCI multiple interface alternate setting support.Star Zeng
2014-07-04Refine the save action for the BdsDxe.Eric Dong
2014-07-03EmulatorPkg/EmuSimpleFileSystemDxe: Fix incorrect return values upon allocati...Paulo Alcantara
2014-07-03EmulatorPkg/EmuSimpleFileSystemDxe: Fix minor typosPaulo Alcantara
2014-07-02SecurityPkg HashLibBaseCryptoRouterDxe/Tpm2DeviceLibRouterPei: Fixed GCC buil...Star Zeng
2014-07-02Correct the default value for date opcode.Eric Dong
2014-07-02MdeModulePkg XhciPei/UsbBusPei: Add XHCI recovery support.Star Zeng
2014-07-02MdeModulePkg SmmLockBoxSmmLib: Add debug message for the address of lockbox(s...Star Zeng
2014-07-01ArmPkg/BdsLib: Prevent memory leak whith TFTPOlivier Martin
2014-07-01ArmPkg/ArmCacheMaintenanceLib: Fixed comment (and coding style)Olivier Martin
2014-07-01EmbeddedPkg/SerialDxe: Fixed the mixture of RETURN_STATUS and EFI_STATUSOlivier Martin
2014-07-01ArmPkg/CpuDxe/ArmV6: Return error status when ExceptionHandlersStart is not 3...Olivier Martin
2014-07-01Sync BaseTool trunk (version r2670) into EDKII BaseTools. Gao, Liming
2014-06-30ShellPkg: Fix Ctrl+C support for dmpstore command.Tapan Shah
2014-06-30Fix a bug in IP4 driver when computing the network broadcast adress.Fu, Siyuan
2014-06-30Fix the potential address overflow issue when checking PE signature. Jeff Fan
2014-06-27OvmfPkg/QemuFlashFvbServicesRuntimeDxe: Fix GCC44 build failure.Gao, Liming
2014-06-27MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore: Initialize missing LoadedImage protocol fields for SM...Tapan Shah
2014-06-27EmulatorPkg/CpuRuntimeDxe: Fix typos in MpServiceChen Fan
2014-06-26Refine code to make it more safely.Eric Dong
2014-06-26Refine code to make it more safely.Eric Dong
2014-06-26Refine code to make it more safely.Eric Dong