AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-2014.06: complete overhaul of Juno notesjunoRyan Harkin
2014-06-11Juno Android release notes previewRyan Harkin
2014-05-2714.05: fix stray quotes in HMP patch listRyan Harkin
2014-05-2714.05: fix image filenamesRyan Harkin
2014-05-2714.05: add bug ARM-132Ryan Harkin
2014-05-2714.05: update HMP patchset detailsRyan Harkin
2014-05-2714.05: update date references and linksRyan Harkin
2014-04-2314.04: update kernel versionRyan Harkin
2014-04-2214.04: change Android release URL to armv7-lsk and vexpressRyan Harkin
2014-04-2214.04: update release date stampsRyan Harkin
2014-03-2414.03: update release date referencesRyan Harkin
2014-03-1214.03: remove big-LITTLE-MP.conf from instructionsRyan
2014-02-2614.02: remove "New in this release" test from last month's MP patchesRyan Harkin
2014-02-2414.02: update release date referencesRyan Harkin
2014-01-30Fix formatting and add v7 network bug to release notes.Steven Kinney
2014-01-30Correct the Topic Branch inclusion section.Steven Kinney
2014-01-2914.01: apply updates from ARMRyan Harkin
2014-01-2814.01: update filenames for release binariesRyan Harkin
2014-01-2714.01: add changed from ARMRyan Harkin
2014-01-2714.01: update 13.12 text to 14.01Ryan Harkin
2014-01-0314.01: update armv7 model testing wordingRyan Harkin
2013-12-1913.12: added a note about tested platforms in the UEFI releaseAnmar Oueja
2013-12-1913.12: rename RTSM to FASTMODELSRyan Harkin
2013-12-1813.12: update LSK git tagRyan Harkin
2013-12-1813.12: add hwpack and rootfs build date & numberRyan Harkin
2013-12-1613.12: add Robin's feedbackRyan Harkin
2013-12-1613.12: ARM support changesRyan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: update LSK bug listsRyan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: update firmware instructionsRyan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: update all date references to 13.12Ryan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: add .gitignoreRyan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: use FVP modelsRyan Harkin
2013-12-1313.12: RTSM A15-A7 updateRyan Harkin
2013-11-2713.11: add linux-linaro android release notesRyan Harkin
2013-11-2613.10: UEFI changes covering the 2013.11 releaseAnmar Oueja
2013-11-2513.11: update linux-linaro source tagRyan Harkin
2013-11-2513.11: rename dir: opemembedded -> openembeddedRyan Harkin
2013-11-2513.11: update LSK kernel version numberRyan Harkin
2013-11-2513.11: update bug listsRyan Harkin
2013-11-2513.11: update big.LITTLE MP patchsetRyan Harkin
2013-11-2513.11: Updated wording to cover changes in this release from ARM.Chris Redpath
2013-11-2513.11: update Linaro firmware overlay versionRyan Harkin
2013-11-1913.11: oe-lsk: update YY.MM referencesRyan Harkin
2013-11-1913.11: android-lsk: change YY.MM links to 13.11Ryan Harkin
2013-11-1513.11: re-org file structureRyan Harkin
2013-10-3013.10: minor rewordingRyan Harkin
2013-10-2813.10: add small task paching info to release noteRyan Harkin
2013-10-2813.10: change hyphen in 'CCI–400' to 'CCI-400'Ryan Harkin
2013-10-2513.10: update links for MP patchsetRyan Harkin
2013-10-2513.10: update kernel versionsRyan Harkin