AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-1915.05: remove unused prebuilt variants15.05Ryan Harkin
2015-06-1815.05: follow -> followingRyan Harkin
2015-06-1815.05: fix down-bins linkRyan Harkin
2015-06-0815.05: update prebuilt instructionsRyan Harkin
2015-06-0215.05: juno: align Android and OE release notesRyan Harkin
2015-06-0215.05: add acpica-toolsRyan Harkin
2015-05-2915.05: Updates to reflect Juno moving to 0.11.3 firmware imageJon Medhurst
2015-05-2615.05: remove # from linksRyan Harkin
2015-05-2615.05: update 3.10.65 kernel reference to just 3.10Ryan Harkin
2015-05-2615.05: update board_recovery_image detailsRyan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: platforms: use CROSS_COMPILERyan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: use pinned manifestsRyan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: Update EULA linkRyan Harkin
2015-05-2015.05: Readme fixes for Juno and a bit of prep to be able to add FVP laterJames King
2015-05-1915.05: minor tidyupsRyan Harkin
2015-05-1915.05: improve compiler path wordingRyan Harkin
2015-05-1915.05: Fix USB stick instructions - clean and improveJames King
2015-05-1815.05: The linux build script detects LSK vs latest, so don't need extra variantJames King
2015-05-1515.05: platforms: GCC update from JamesRyan Harkin
2015-05-1415.05: add new platforms release noteRyan Harkin
2015-05-0715.04: update HMP patch list15.04Ryan Harkin
2015-04-3015.04: use SELinux tarballsRyan Harkin
2015-04-3015.04: add androidboot.hardware=junoRyan Harkin
2015-04-3015.04: use SELinux tarballs by defaultRyan Harkin
2015-04-2715.04: update all 15.03 refs to 15.04Ryan Harkin
2015-04-2715.04: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-04-1315.03: fix OE kernel version15.03Ryan Harkin
2015-03-2515.03: correct mis-cof/mis-conf typo found by fathiRyan Harkin
2015-03-2515.03: update kernel versionsRyan Harkin
2015-03-2515.03: update to GCC4.9 2014.11Ryan Harkin
2015-03-2515.03: update filename date refsRyan Harkin
2015-03-1815.03: cleanup release notesVishal Bhoj
2015-03-1615.03: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-03-1615.03: Update the IPA Section of the release notes.Javi Merino
2015-02-2615.02: remove bugs ARM JSW-748 and -74315.02Ryan Harkin
2015-02-2615.02: update board_recovery_image to point directly to git repoRyan Harkin
2015-02-2515.02: vexpress to use pinned-manifest.xml alsoRyan Harkin
2015-02-2515.02: use pinned-manifest.xmlRyan Harkin
2015-02-2315.02: update build numbersRyan Harkin
2015-02-2015.02: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-01-2815.01: remove Juice pages15.01Ryan Harkin
2015-01-2815.01: update l-i-t and other 2014 referencesRyan Harkin
2015-01-2815.01: update vexpress hwpack and image datesRyan Harkin
2015-01-2815.01: remove AOSP snapshot dateRyan Harkin
2015-01-2615.01: use board_recovery_image-0.10.1-linaro3Ryan Harkin
2015-01-2615.01: update wording re: automating EFI ShellRyan Harkin
2015-01-2615.01: update Juno Android kernel dmesg outputRyan Harkin
2015-01-2615.01: use second firmware volume for EFI ShellRyan Harkin
2015-01-2315.01: update kernel versionsRyan Harkin