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15.02: remove bugs ARM JSW-748 and -74315.02
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diff --git a/members/arm/android/images/armv8-android-juno-lsk/HOWTO_releasenotes.txt b/members/arm/android/images/armv8-android-juno-lsk/HOWTO_releasenotes.txt
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--- a/members/arm/android/images/armv8-android-juno-lsk/HOWTO_releasenotes.txt
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@@ -346,8 +346,6 @@ The following known issues are present in this release. Please contact "support
|"Bug 64": | Test test_pthread_rwlock from bionic libc test suite fails on Juno build - LAVA | |
|"Bug 23": | backtrace_test reports failures on 64/64 build | Failures reported with local trace and threads |
|"Bug 12": | Intermittent HDMI failures |There is a problem with HDMI sync for monitors that don't support FullHD resolution. The board works with some monitors and doesn’t work with others. The monitors known to work are: ASUS VS247 H-P, Samsung S22A300H, HP LP2475w |
-|ARM JSW-748 Linux [Juno-Beta-rc1] | Periodic black screen flash | Screen blanking is seen at a regular frequency of one in 10 sec |
-|ARM JSW-743 | HDMI monitor incompatibilities | HDMI video out fails to display Android home screen on one out of 4 monitor types tried |
|ARM JSW-742 | No HDMI | HDMI video out does not work on both the ports |
|ARM JSW-741 |UEFI - missing boot options | UEFI bootmanager fails to list TFTP and PXE boot options if a live network cable not connected |
|ARM JSW-711 |Reset failure | Reset fails if button is pressed during NOR flash write|