AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-2715.05: remove android/images/armv8-*15.05Ryan Harkin
2015-05-2215.05: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-04-2715.04: checkout branch rather than tag15.04Ryan Harkin
2015-03-1815.03: Cleanup Build instructions:15.03Vishal Bhoj
2015-03-1615.03: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-02-2515.02: vexpress to use pinned-manifest.xml also15.02Ryan Harkin
2015-02-2515.02: use pinned-manifest.xmlRyan Harkin
2015-02-2015.02: update date refsRyan Harkin
2015-01-2315.01: update date refs15.01Ryan Harkin
2014-12-1514.12: update date refs14.12Ryan Harkin
2014-11-2414.11: update date refs14.11Ryan Harkin
2014-10-3014.10: update various date refs14.10Ryan Harkin
2014-09-0314.09: update pre-built image uncompression wording14.09Ryan Harkin
2014-08-2914.08: apply update based on Mark Nicholson's feedback14.08Ryan Harkin
2014-08-2714.08: update kernel source tagRyan Harkin
2014-08-2714.08: add Member Build descriptionRyan Harkin
2014-08-2614.08: update date refsRyan Harkin
2014-08-1214.07: openeNbedded -> opemeMbedded14.07Ryan Harkin
2014-07-3114.07: fix revert linkRyan Harkin
2014-07-3114.07: fix links to the Member BuildsRyan Harkin
2014-07-31move everything under images/ to avoid symlink vs dir confusionKoen Kooi
2014-07-3014.07: rename Android releasenotes textilesRyan Harkin
2014-07-3014.07: apply update from KhasimRyan Harkin
2014-07-2814.07: update Configure UEFI links and textRyan Harkin
2014-07-2814.07: fix some 14.06 date referencesRyan Harkin
2014-07-1514.07: simplify and sync instructionsRyan Harkin
2014-07-1514.07: provide links to the ARM Member BuildsRyan Harkin
2014-07-1514.07: general tidyupRyan Harkin
2014-07-0814.07: trim Juice Juno release notesRyan Harkin
2014-07-0814.07: trim Android Juno release noteRyan Harkin
2014-07-0814.07: trim Android vexpress-lsk release noteRyan Harkin
2014-07-0814.07: remove NOTES.orgRyan Harkin
2014-07-0814.07: trim OE Juno release noteRyan Harkin
2014-07-0414.06: EULA update from AndyRyan Harkin
2014-07-0414.06: apply change in response to comments from Simon InizanRyan Harkin
2014-07-0414.06: apply update from SteveBRyan Harkin
2014-07-0214.06: FVP Android update from KhasimRyan Harkin
2014-07-0214.06: minor fixups from BasilRyan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: update internal linksRyan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: apply another update from AndyRyan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: update link to vendor.tar.bz2Ryan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: update Mali notes for public buildsRyan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: android/out/target/product/junoRyan Harkin
2014-07-0114.06: android/out/target/product/juiceRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: remove notesRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: apply getting start update from AndyRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: sudo update-alternatives --config javadocRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: BL32_AP_UEFI -> BL33_AP_UEFIRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: update to openjdk-7-jdkRyan Harkin
2014-06-3014.06: VersatileExpress->Juno and typo fixesRyan Harkin