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-p. Linaro releases monthly binary images of UEFI, based on the Tiaoncore project.
-h2. Tianocore baselines
-p. The Linaro UEFI tree is based on the following upstream versions of code from Tianocore:
-* edk2 at subversion revision 14795
-The latest version of the EDK2 code contains support for aarch64 plaforms upstream in addition to the following topic branches:
-* linaro-topic-a5
-* linaro-topic-a9
-* linaro-topic-arndale
-* linaro-topic-bds
-* linaro-topic-fvp
-* linaro-topic-leg
-* linaro-topic-misc
-* linaro-topic-panda
-* linaro-topic-pxeboot
-* linaro-topic-tc1
-* linaro-topic-tc2
-h2. Platform Support
-p. Platforms currently supported include:
-* Versatile Express A5/A9/TC1/TC2, RTSM A9x4 and A15x1, A15 MPCore, Foundation and FVP Base models.
-* Samsung Arndale
-* TI Beagleboard
-* TI Pandaboard
-This release was tested on the Versatile Express Foundation and FVP Base models. It may work on the other supported platforms since no feature changes were added.
-h2. Building UEFI
-For more instructions on how to build UEFI from source, please see the "LEG wiki build page":
-h2. Fixed in this release
-p. The following issues were fixed in this release:
-h2. Known Issues
-p. The following issues were unresolved in this release:
-* "LP: #1157372": FAT file system crashes when creating new file or directory within the UefiShell or EdkShell (microSD Card)
-* "LP: #1166301": Arndale port uses an embedded copy of the GIC library
-* "LP: #1179461": UEFI: TC2: booting from A7 core causes boot failures due to MMC/SD timeouts
-* "LP: #1163341": Ax88772 drivers assume CPU is Little-Endian
-* "LP: #1157203": UEFI: TC2: Shell cannot write to SD card when booting from A7 core
-* "LP: #1166364": UEFI: VExpress 4xA9 support not bindings compliant
-* "LP: #1057164": Panda UEFI is not ready for real deployment
-* "LP: #942155": UEFI: TC2: copy/paste doesn't work over serial port
-* "LP: #1117464": UEFI/TFTP: server must provide a filename in DHCPOFFER
-* "LP: #1131141": UEFI: arndale does not store Boot Device config
-* "LP: #1161355": Arndale port console should use SerialDxe
-* "LP: #1174318": SetVirtualAddressMap ASSERT failure in DEBUG build
-* "LP: #1192941": Lava : vexpress-tc2-01 and vexpress-tc2-benchmark jobs are running incomplete due to various reasons
-* "LP: #1192963": UEFI: origen: BSP doesn't compile
-* "LP: #1274126":http2:// UEFI: stub-kernel TFTP boot test fail
-h2. More information
-The "LEG UEFI wiki": is a great place to start developing with Linaro's UEFI tree.