AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-21add test code to parse comma separated stringworking-stm-testGuodong Xu
2012-08-21Move -l to end of build commandsGuodong Xu
2012-08-13Update redtty_test as a tool for STM dummy driverGuodong Xu
2012-08-02Temp solution, to enable output of STM messages through STM dummy device to /...Guodong Xu
2012-08-02Add API to attach N_TRACESINK to /dev/ttyprintkGuodong Xu
2012-08-02change error to warning to enable testing when no real ETB supportGuodong Xu
2012-08-02update README, add a section for test commands supported.Guodong Xu
2012-08-02add header file inclusionGuodong Xu
2012-07-09Add processing of blank or comment lines in test script parsingGuodong Xu
2012-06-22add README, including both build and usage infoGuodong Xu
2012-06-21implement/enable asynchronous verificationGuodong Xu
2012-06-21add asynchronous verification files, structures and basic APIsGuodong Xu
2012-06-18Bug fix: segmetation fault when wrong commandline inputGuodong Xu
2012-06-18add time information to test resultGuodong Xu
2012-06-15support reading test commands from stdin, line by lineGuodong Xu
2012-06-15add param_array.hGuodong Xu
2012-06-15add EXTRA_DEBUG_MSG to control debugging printsGuodong Xu
2012-06-15Add utility to parse command line parametersGuodong Xu
2012-06-13Use linked list to manage test resultsGuodong Xu
2012-06-12Editorial: remove trailing spacesGuodong Xu
2012-06-12Add implementation of rm_chan send_msg config_chanGuodong Xu
2012-05-25Initial commitHEADmasterRyan Harkin