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2015-04-09linaro/configs: Add an EAS specific config snippet.eas-rfcv3-for-juno-lskRobin Randhawa
2015-04-09arm64, topology: tweak JUNO energy tablesJuri Lelli
2015-04-09sched: add tracing for capacity_currJuri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64, juno: provide clock-frequency property via dtbJuri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64, topology: adapt JUNO em to eas_v6Juri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64, topology: Adapt JUNO energy tables to uarch and freq invarianceJuri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64, topology: use em tables to setup cpu_scale.Juri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64, topology: Define JUNO energy and provide it to the schedulerJuri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64: Cpu invariant scheduler load-tracking supportJuri Lelli
2015-04-09arm64: Frequency invariant scheduler load-tracking supportJuri Lelli
2015-04-09sched: Disable energy-unfriendly nohz kicksMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Enable active migration for cpus of lower capacityMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Skip cpu as lb src which has one task and capacity gte the dst cpuDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Tipping point from energy-aware to conventional load balancingDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy awareness into detach_tasksDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy awareness into find_busiest_queueDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy awareness into find_busiest_groupDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy awareness into update_sd_lb_statsDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy awareness into update_sg_lb_statsDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Infrastructure to query if load balancing is energy-awareDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Count number of shallower idle-states in struct sched_group_energyMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched, cpuidle: Track cpuidle state index in the schedulerMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Bias new task wakeups towards higher capacity cpusMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Energy-aware wake-up task placementMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Estimate energy impact of scheduling decisionsMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Extend sched_group_energy to test load-balancing decisionsMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Calculate energy consumption of sched_groupMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Highest energy aware balancing sched_domain level pointerMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Use capacity_curr to cap utilization in get_cpu_usage()Morten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Relocated get_cpu_usage()Morten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Compute cpu capacity available at current frequencyMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Introduce SD_SHARE_CAP_STATES sched_domain flagMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Allocate and initialize energy data structuresDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Introduce energy data structuresDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Make energy awareness a sched featureMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Documentation for scheduler energy cost modelMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Include blocked utilization in usage trackingMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Track blocked utilization contributionsMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Get rid of scaling usage by cpu_capacity_origDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09arm: Frequency invariant scheduler load-tracking supportMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09cpufreq: Architecture specific callback for frequency changesMorten Rasmussen
2015-04-09sched: Make usage tracking cpu scale-invariantDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: Make load tracking frequency scale-invariantDietmar Eggemann
2015-04-09sched: move cfs task on a CPU with higher capacityVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: add SD_PREFER_SIBLING for SMT levelVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: replace capacity_factor by usageVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: get CPU's usage statisticVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: add per rq cpu_capacity_origVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: make scale_rt invariant with frequencyVincent Guittot
2015-04-09sched: Make sched entity usage tracking scale-invariantMorten Rasmussen