2012-06-20  Andy Greenconfig stm arm tracking-topic-stm
2012-06-20  Ryan Harkinstm/arm: add non-Amba init code
2012-06-20  Ryan Harkinstm/arm: add ARM STM device init code
2012-06-20  Ryan Harkinstm/arm: stub out TI device calls in new stm_arm.c to
2012-06-20  Ryan Harkinstm/arm: added clone of TI files as basis for ARM STM...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel 3.4 rc2 add includes to reach missing defines
2012-06-20  Andy Greendebug stm kconfig remove hitchhikers
2012-06-20  Andy Greenconfig tilt stm and omap driver
2012-06-20  Douglas Deaodebug STM omap v1 implementation
2012-06-20  Douglas Deaodebug STM introduce STM framework
2012-06-20  Roger Quadrosmfd: OMAP4 SCM/TEMP_SENSOR : fix suspend/resume on... tracking-topic-thermal
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel 3.4 rc2 fix omap5 early boot missing map_common_io
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel remove broken call to omap2xxx check revision
2012-06-20  David A. LongOMAP thermal Improve CPU_THERMAL support
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 hwmod missing terminator on scm hwmod
2012-06-20  David A. LongAdd CPU_THERMAL driver for OMAP4460
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4: enable powerdomain OFF support tracking-topic-omap44xx
2012-06-20  Sebastien JanOMAP4: change default GPU clock source to PER DPLL
2012-06-20  Sebastien JanOMAP4: fine tune RET/MIN/MAX Voltages
2012-06-20  Sebastien JanOMAP: HWMOD: trace wait_target_ready error
2012-06-20  Roger Quadros0001-OMAP4-hwmod-Clear-context-loss-register-just-befor...
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP4+: hwmod: Fix context loss counting code
2012-06-20  Djamil ElaidiARM: OMAP4+: hwmod: fix issue causing IPs not going...
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP4: OPP: Set OFF state voltage level to 0
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP3: twl-4030: Provide twl_map data for OMAP3 platforms
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4460: fix SR CORE domain offsets
2012-06-20  Sebastien Jantps6236x: fix DEF_SET_REG
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4: tune voltage settings
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarOMAP: PMIC: Register only the map relevant to chip
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarWeed out OMAP4460_SEVM_PALMAS option
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4: blaze: enable SR in board file
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4: panda: enable SR in board file
2012-06-20  David A. LongSet ABE and EMIF divider at the proper time
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarRestore omap4460_mpu_dpll_set_rate
2012-06-20  Andy Greenasoc 4460 enable aess opps
2012-06-20  Ricardo Salveti... omap4: panda: enabling tps6236x
2012-06-20  Sebastien JanOMAP4460: Enable half L2 cache on 4460 ES1.0
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap45 emif quench spam about emif registers not set
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4460 dpll bypass during all clock change ops
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 4460 dont play heartbeat led on tps62361 vsel lol
2012-06-20  Andy Greentps62361 default to nominal voltage
2012-06-20  Santosh ShilimkarARM: L2X0: Add the Prefetch Control Register bits to...
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4460: disable OPP50 for iva and core
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap 4460 restrict cache workaround to es 1.0
2012-06-20  Santosh ShilimkarOMAP4460: L2X0: Temporary work-around for stability.
2012-06-20  Chris LalancetteOMAP4: Adding ID for OMAP4460 ES1.1
2012-06-20  Chris Lalancetteomap id recognize 4460 es1.1
2012-06-20  Jaswinder Singhopp 446x cleanup
2012-06-20  David LongImprove DPLL frequency rounding code
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 clocks allow 1MHz leeway
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4430: disable OPP50 support for core and iva
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap4460: Fix core domain frequency
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap2plus clock fix dcc error path and solve random...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 clocks detect clock rounding error
2012-06-20  Andy Greenconfig-omap5432 tracking-topic-omap5432
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP3+: Smartreflex: Fix build without CPU_FREQ
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP: PANDA: fix suspend/resume with ti_st driver
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP5: palmas: Provide OMAP5 supplies only if we are...
2012-06-20  Roger Quadrosuplevel omap-sar: use correct identifier for usb_tll_hs_ick
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOFF mode integration fixup
2012-06-20  Roger QuadrosOMAP: PM: Get rid of omap_trigger_wuclk_ctrl()
2012-06-20  Andy GreenFixes from Roger off mode series integration
2012-06-20  Roger Quadrosenable user button as wakeup source on panda
2012-06-20  Sebastien JanOMAP4: DSP: deactivate SWSUP to enable clock domain...
2012-06-20  David A. LongFrom 3aa38209e64f254ba2d19595c91cadb4b1f8abd6 Mon Sep...
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarDistinguish between 44xx and 54xx rate flags
2012-06-20  Andy GreenRemove the ghost copy of cpufreq driver
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarGet back the proper cpufreq driver
2012-06-20  Andy Greenclean prev logic pwrst from powerdomain
2012-06-20  Colin Crosscpuidle: add support for states that affect multiple...
2012-06-20  Colin Crosscpuidle: coupled: add parallel barrier function
2012-06-20  Colin Crosscpuidle: add support for states that affect multiple...
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarOMAP HSMMC Force enable attempt so that we can call...
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarSantize Kconfig and makefile after cpufreq driver moved
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel 3.4 rc2 fixes
2012-06-20  Andy Greencpufreq remove makefile ref from mach Makefile
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarAdd the missing volt_data for 4430 at 300MHz
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarRename 443x specific data as such
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarRemove ghost copy of omap2plus-cpufreq.c
2012-06-20  =?UTF-8?q?Vincent... OMAP5 ES1.0 needs cold reset to restart
2012-06-20  Andy Greenmux BUG if we cant find ball mode
2012-06-20  Andy Greenti st kim stop crash on suspend
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4plus scm stop crash on suspend
2012-06-20  Jassi BrarOMAP5: Init sram from omap_sdrc_init like other archs
2012-06-20  Jassi Braromap45 device restore revision check to earlier in...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap45 dvfs abb react well if given error instead of...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 omap4 dont register twl4030 if not 44xx
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 hwmod kill emif hwmod
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 comap4 compat allow no l2cache base
2012-06-20  Andy Greeni2c omap nuke hwspinklock code
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap45 remove no arm smp twd conflict in kconfig
2012-06-20  Andy Greenpalmas no need to ignore ldo2 ldo8 any more
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4-fixes.patch
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 board touch is only on sevm
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 board wlan adaptation and disable
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 pm use omap_prcm_restart
2012-06-20  Andy Greenpalmas enable gpio mode when enabling 32khzaudio clock
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5evm dts bootargs for debug
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap2 omap5evm register ethernet and wlan for automatic...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap2 panda register ethernet and wlan for automatic...