2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Always update jack detection. tracking-topic-audio-3.4
2012-06-20  Paul WalmsleyARM: OMAP4+: AESS: enable internal auto-gating during...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenasoc disable dmic
2012-06-20  Gabriel M.... ASoC: OMAP ABE: Restore auto-gating after pm_runtime_ge...
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap: abe: plug-in device scale
2012-06-20  Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: SAUCE: snd_soc_abe_twl6040: add a dummy symbol...
2012-06-20  Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: SAUCE: omap4_abe: reuse #included firmware
2012-06-20  Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: SAUCE: create aess device at boot time even...
2012-06-20  Paolo PisatiUBUNTU: SAUCE: omap-pm: export missing symbol (omap_pm_...
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: OMAP ABE: Do not disable IO task before OFF mode
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Make sure we dont add DMIC...
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: omap-dmic: ABE support
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: OMAP ABE: put back Mono mixer functionality.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecARM: OMAP5: board-omap5evm: Update audio parameter...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Add DMIC DAIs into audio path
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap dmic: Add stream names for each ABE DAI
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecARM: OMAP5: clockdata: Add fclk alias for DMIC
2012-06-20  Gabriel M.... ASoC: ABE - Unmute Tones DL2 gain when appropriate.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: OMAP ABE: Remove build warning for ABE port.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecARM: OMAP5: clockdata: Add fclk alias for DMIC
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: OMAP ABE: Update to ABE Firmware 09.56
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Make sure all dapm contexts are updated
2012-06-20  Andy Greenconfig audio
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel 3.4 rc4 usb fixes
2012-06-20  Andy GreenSOC OMAP HACK remove dmic as selection from abe
2012-06-20  Andy GreenOMAP5 OPP fixes
2012-06-20  Andy GreenOMAP5 devices fix missing mcbsp init
2012-06-20  Andy Greendebug OPP hear about problems
2012-06-20  Andy GreenOMAP5 board add in twl6040 i2c data
2012-06-20  Andy GreenOMAP5 id call omap5xxx check revision
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecHACK: PALMAS: Enable 32 kHz Audio form start.
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel omap5 asoc do devices dmic stuff for omap5...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel omap5 asoc devices use new generic dmic codec...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenasoc omap abe twl6040 allow on omap4 panda machine
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap4 panda define audpwron better and set mux
2012-06-20  Sebastien Janomap5xxx: setup padconf for ABE_CLKS
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 asoc board define common mux pdm
2012-06-20  Andy Greenomap5 asoc board different gpio on uevm
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel omap5 asoc correct dependencies for abe twl6040...
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel kconfig allow able 6040 on omap5
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel add abe audio data to omap5evm boardfile
2012-06-20  Andy Greenuplevel 3.4 rc3 fixes
2012-06-20  Misael Lopez... ASoC: ABE: Add hw_rule for 250us period constraint
2012-06-20  Misael Lopez... ALSA: pcm: export 'snd_interval_step' symbol
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dpcm: check all DAI widgets for BE type when...
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: twl6040: Fix legacy playback, and capture
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: twl6040: Remove HS/HF gain ramp feature
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Fix Voice Port
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: abe mixer: Simplify graph for MM_DL.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Make sure we only create one widget per...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: abe mixer: Update graph with recent DAI widget...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Only create DAI widgets for valid DAIs...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Free dapm mutex on new widget failure
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dpcm: Use locked version for DPCM stream events.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: pcm: Use locked stream event for PCM ops.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Dont hold the DAPM mutex for runtime updates.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Simplify stream event logic.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Fix and unlock the card mutex on add route...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: make sure we use the correct widget for...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dpcm core: Make sure we use card mutex for FE...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm: Fix runtime connected widgets update deadlock.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dpcm core: Hold card mutex on runtime updates.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Move the TPS6130x init out...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: Use correct DAPM context.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: core: Fix build for deferred probe ?
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: omap-mcbsp: Export functions for threshold config...
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiARM: OMAP4: clock: Add aliases for McBSP fclk clocks
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: omap-mcpdm: Fix legacy capture
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: omap-abe-twl6040 - General ABE support
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: TWL6040: HACK for ABE support of 44.1 kHz
2012-06-20  Misael Lopez... ASoC: twl6040: Add digital mute
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: twl6040: Configure init gain to minimal value
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodOPP: Export export symbols for module usage.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecASoC: omap-abe-twl6040: DAI link update for ABE mode.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecOMAP4: omap4panda: Enable ABE audio support.
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecOMAP4: 4430sdp: Enable ABE audio support.
2012-06-20  Sebastien Guiriecinclude: platform_data: Update platform data header...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: OMAP ABE: Update to 09.54.2
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add core ABE support
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE port manager
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE build support
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE PM support
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE PCM operations.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE OPP support
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE low power mmap support.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE mixers and DAPM.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: ABE - Add ABE debugFS support.
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: OMAP DMIC - Add initial ABE support.
2012-06-20  Peter UjfalusiASoC: McPDM - Add ABE support
2012-06-20  Sebastien GuiriecOMAP4: AESS: device creation to mach-omap2
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodOMAP4: hwmod - enable AESS hwmod device.
2012-06-20  Misael Lopez... OMAP4: OPP: Add OPPs for AESS
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dsp - add core support for bespoke trigger()
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: core - add hostless DAI support
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodALSA: pcm - add support for hostless audio
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: core - add dynamic kcontrols
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: pcm core - Lock stream events for non DPCM DAI...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: DPCM - Add ASoC Dynamic PCM core
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: DAPM - Add support for sending stream events...
2012-06-20  Liam GirdwoodASoC: dapm - Allow path discovery for active DAI widgets