descriptionThe latest Linux Linaro trees.
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Description of branches

linux-linaro-core-tracking Mainstream TIP based tree with all the common topics
linux-linaro Mainstream -RC based tree with both the common and board specific topics

Caution, all the above branches are subject to rebasing.

Wiki page describing the Linux Linaro kernel process.

31 hours ago  Andrey KonovalovAutomatically merging tracking-ll-misc-fixes into merge... linux-linaro ll_20140416.0 ll-20140416.0
31 hours ago  Andrey KonovalovMerge branch 'tracking-cortex-strings-arm64' into merge...
31 hours ago  Zhangfei GaoARM: dts: hip04: enable only 1 core
31 hours ago  Haojian Zhuangata: ahci: support hisilicon device
31 hours ago  Haojian Zhuangata: ahci: append new hflag
31 hours ago  Kefeng WangARM: dts: hip04: Add PMU support
31 hours ago  Zhangfei GaoRevert "ARM: config: enable hi3xxx in multi_v7_defconfig"
31 hours ago  Haojian Zhuangconfig: append hip04
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04: dts: add mdio resource
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: support eth1
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: add hip04_mdio.c
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04_defconfig: add CONFIG_HIP04_ETH
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04: dts: add ether resource
31 hours ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: add hip04_eth
31 hours ago  Kefeng WangARM: hip04: add specific sata vsemiphy init
31 hours ago  Kefeng WangARM: dts: add sata device node
31 hours ago ll-20140416.0 ll-20140416.0
32 hours ago tracking-ll-misc-fixes-ll-20140416.0
2 days ago tracking-integration-linaro-vexpress-ll-20140416.0
3 days ago ll-20140415.0 ll-20140415.0
3 days ago llct-20140415.0 llct-20140415.0
3 days ago tracking-llct-ll-20140415.0
3 days ago tracking-llct-ll-20140416.0
3 days ago tracking-linaro-builddeb-tweaks-llct-20140415.0
3 days ago tracking-samslt-all-ll-20140415.0
3 days ago tracking-samslt-all-ll-20140416.0
3 days ago tracking-integration-linaro-vexpress-ll-20140415.0
6 days ago ll-20140411.1 ll-20140411.1
6 days ago tracking-integration-hilt-linux-linaro-ll-20140411.1
6 days ago tracking-integration-hilt-linux-linaro-ll-20140415.0
6 days ago tracking-integration-hilt-linux-linaro-ll-20140416.0
6 days ago ll-20140411.0 ll-20140411.0
31 hours ago linux-linaro
31 hours ago ll_20140416.0
3 days ago ll_20140415.0
3 days ago linux-linaro-core-tracking
6 days ago ll_20140411.1
6 days ago ll_20140411.0
8 days ago ll_20140409.0
10 days ago ll_20140407.0
11 days ago ll_20140406.0
2 weeks ago ll_20140401.0
3 weeks ago ll_20140321.0
4 weeks ago ll_20140319.0
4 weeks ago ll_20140317.0
4 weeks ago ll_20140314.0
5 weeks ago ll_20140311.0
6 weeks ago ll_20140306.0