descriptionThe latest Linux Linaro trees.
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Description of branches

linux-linaro-core-tracking Mainstream TIP based tree with all the common topics
linux-linaro Mainstream -RC based tree with both the common and board specific topics

Caution, all the above branches are subject to rebasing.

Wiki page describing the Linux Linaro kernel process.

7 days ago  Andrey KonovalovAutomatically merging tracking-ll-misc-fixes into merge... linux-linaro ll_20140416.0 linux-linaro-3.14-2014.04 ll-20140416.0
7 days ago  Andrey KonovalovMerge branch 'tracking-cortex-strings-arm64' into merge...
7 days ago  Zhangfei GaoARM: dts: hip04: enable only 1 core
7 days ago  Haojian Zhuangata: ahci: support hisilicon device
7 days ago  Haojian Zhuangata: ahci: append new hflag
7 days ago  Kefeng WangARM: dts: hip04: Add PMU support
7 days ago  Zhangfei GaoRevert "ARM: config: enable hi3xxx in multi_v7_defconfig"
7 days ago  Haojian Zhuangconfig: append hip04
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04: dts: add mdio resource
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: support eth1
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: add hip04_mdio.c
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04_defconfig: add CONFIG_HIP04_ETH
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaohip04: dts: add ether resource
7 days ago  Zhangfei Gaoether: add hip04_eth
7 days ago  Kefeng WangARM: hip04: add specific sata vsemiphy init
7 days ago  Kefeng WangARM: dts: add sata device node
20 hours ago llct-20140423.0 llct-20140423.0
20 hours ago tracking-core-configs-llct-20140423.0
20 hours ago tracking-basic-board-configs-llct-20140423.0
26 hours ago tracking-multi-pmu-llct-20140423.0
26 hours ago tracking-gator-llct-20140423.0
33 hours ago tracking-linaro-android-3.15-llct-20140423.0
2 days ago tracking-capri-support-llct-20140423.0
3 days ago tracking-mainline-llct-20140423.0
5 days ago tracking-llct-misc-fixes-llct-20140423.0
7 days ago linux-linaro-3.14-2014.04 ll-20140416.0
7 days ago ll-20140416.0 ll-20140416.0
7 days ago tracking-ll-misc-fixes-ll-20140416.0
8 days ago tracking-linaro-builddeb-tweaks-llct-20140423.0
9 days ago tracking-integration-linaro-vexpress-ll-20140416.0
9 days ago ll-20140415.0 ll-20140415.0
9 days ago llct-20140415.0 llct-20140415.0
20 hours ago linux-linaro-core-tracking
7 days ago linux-linaro
7 days ago ll_20140416.0
9 days ago ll_20140415.0
12 days ago ll_20140411.1
13 days ago ll_20140411.0
2 weeks ago ll_20140409.0
2 weeks ago ll_20140407.0
2 weeks ago ll_20140406.0
3 weeks ago ll_20140401.0
4 weeks ago ll_20140321.0
5 weeks ago ll_20140319.0
5 weeks ago ll_20140317.0
5 weeks ago ll_20140314.0
6 weeks ago ll_20140311.0
6 weeks ago ll_20140306.0