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last changeMon, 24 Mar 2014 15:14:35 +0000 (15:14 +0000)

The latest version of the big.LITTLE MP patchset is contained in the big-LITTLE-MP-latest branch of this git repository.

2014-03-24  Chris Redpathhmp: dont attempt to pull tasks if affinity doesn't... big-LITTLE-MP-latest
2014-03-24  Chris Redpathhmp: Use idle pull to perform forced up-migrations
2014-03-24  Chris Redpathsched: hmp: unify active migration code
2014-03-24  Chris Redpathhmp: sched: Clean up hmp_up_threshold checks into a...
2014-01-22  Dietmar EggemannHMP: Fix rt task allowed cpu mask restriction code... big-LITTLE-MP-14.01 big-LITTLE-MP-14.02 big-LITTLE-MP-14.03
2014-01-22  Dietmar EggemannHMP: Restrict irq_default_affinity to hmp_slow_cpu_mask
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathsched: hmp: Fix potential task_struct memory leak
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathconfig: Make packing present on TC2
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathsched: hmp: Change TC2 packing config to disabled defau...
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathsched: hmp: Make idle balance behaviour normal when...
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathsched: update runqueue clock before migrations away
2014-01-22  Chris Redpathsched: reset blocked load decay_count during synchroniz...
2014-01-22  Thomas Gleixnergenirq: Add default affinity mask command line option
2014-01-22  Jon Medhurstconfig: Add config fragments for big LITTLE MP
2014-01-22  Kamalesh Babulalsched/debug: Add load-tracking statistics to task
2013-11-22  Chris Redpathsched: hmp: Fix build breakage when not using CONFIG_SC... big-LITTLE-MP-13.11 big-LITTLE-MP-13.12
2 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-14.01
2 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-14.02
2 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-14.03
4 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.11
4 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.12
5 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.10
7 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.08
7 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.09
9 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-13.07
9 months ago v3.10 Linux 3.10
9 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-master-v18
9 months ago v3.10-rc7 Linux 3.10-rc7
10 months ago v3.10-rc6 Linux 3.10-rc6
10 months ago v3.10-rc5 Linux 3.10-rc5
10 months ago v3.10-rc4 Linux 3.10-rc4
10 months ago v3.10-rc3 Linux 3.10-rc3
11 days ago for-lsk
3 weeks ago big-LITTLE-MP-latest
9 months ago big-LITTLE-MP-master-v19
9 months ago lsk-interactive-gov-updates
9 months ago master-task-placement-v2-updates
9 months ago master-misc-patches
9 months ago master-wq-migration-v5
9 months ago master-task-placement-v2-sysfs
9 months ago master-task-placement-v2
9 months ago master-hw-bkpt-fix
9 months ago master-config-fragments
9 months ago master-arm-multi_pmu_v2
9 months ago linaro-android-3.10-experimental
9 months ago upstream/experimental/android-3.10
10 months ago linux-linaro-MP-upstream-20130524.0
10 months ago linux-linaro-MP-reference-20130524.0